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Make your career with Mendix

Learn the skills to make anything you can imagine

Go Make It!

  • Career

    Set your own goals and make cool stuff with Mendix.

  • Skills

    Learn the skills to build anything you can imagine.

  • Credentials

    Prove your abilities and earn recognized credentials.

Make your career with Mendix

  • Mendix Developer

    As a professional Mendix Developer you love working with the business to identify and find elegant solutions to complex problems. You love solving puzzles, you’re fascinated by technology and you may (or may not) already have an IT background.

  • Business Analyst

    As a Mendix Business Analyst, you come from the business and use Mendix to create elegant, customer-focused solutions for complex processes. You’re enthusiastic, hands-on and a crucial part of the Mendix development team, bringing Business and IT together.

  • Solutions Architect

    As a Mendix Solutions Architect, you are the specialist who takes the lead in designing and configuring Mendix solutions for security, scalability, quality and more. You have strong conceptual and problem-solving skills and love to engage with business and IT to create business value and drive innovation.


  • Rapid Developer

    This certification shows you understand the fundamentals of the Mendix Platform and how, when, and where to use them.

  • Advanced Developer

    This certification exam is a practical assignment that will test your Mendix Platform skills and knowledge.

  • Expert Developer

    Certified Expert Developers have proven capabilities in taking the lead when delivering Mendix applications to their customers.