Mendix Platform Releases

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Latest Release

Mendix 8.10

Making Life Better

With our latest release, we bring you exciting new features like a powerful database connector, improved accessibility options, and more. Find out how you can make life better with 8.10.

Mendix 8.10 - Making life better

Prior Releases

Mendix Studio Spring '19

Turn your spreadsheet into an app

Drag and drop your spreadsheet into Mendix Studio and watch it become an app in a minute. Goodbye versioning issues and outdated data. Hello productivity.

Blowing up spreadsheets

Mendix 8.9

Stay Connected

Stay engaged with your customers and users. Give your apps the flexibility your users need with the latest upgrades and features found in Mendix 8.9.

Mendix 8.8

We Never Stop

It’s an unusual time in the world, but we will never stop delivering value. For Mendix 8.8, you’ll find simple but powerful developer improvements, new features for native mobile apps, and some delighters.

Mendix 8.8 product update_We Never Stop