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Get great team work with collaboration and version control

We’ve made it easy for developers and business users to collaborate and manage versions. See the changes 7.23.3 brings to the Mendix platform and your team.

Prior Releases

Mendix 7.20

The Developer Gets the Credit

The Mendix 7.20 release is here and boy oh boy have we got some goodies for you, including new widgets, IBM integration and much more!

Mendix 7.19

Mendix 7.19: Power to the developer

Mendix 7.19 contains a number of enhancements suggested by our community, along with updates to the Web Modeler and a seemingly small web service update with big potential. Read on to see what’s new!

Mendix 7.18

Let Us Assist You

Mendix Assist is ready to advise you on building app logic, consistency checks go instant, and delighters round out this month's updates.

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