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With continuous platform updates, Mendix customers, partners, and community edition members can adopt and enjoy the benefits of new and improved capabilities as they are ready.

Latest Release

Mendix 9.6.0

Makes Your Mendix World Spin

After months of keeping new Mendix Studio Pro features and plans to ourselves, we finally get to start sharing them with the world!

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Prior Releases

Mendix 9.4.0

Mendix 9.4.0 - Front-endless Possibilities

From nanoflows to a new synchronization mode, the latest Mendix release includes powerful new features to help you build more, build better, and build easier. 

Mendix 9.4 release

Mendix 9.3.0

Mendix 9.3.0 - Powerful Experiences

It’s time for another jam-packed release covering everything from Atlas improvements (based on feedback) to new widgets, expressions in Studio and some nice Studio Pro delighters.

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Mendix 9.2.0

A Modern Grid for a Multi-experience World

Mendix 9.2.0 is a pretty special release. Not only do we have some long, overdue changes we’ve made to key widgets, but we’ve got a pretty powerful new starting point for creating approval apps.

Mendix 9.2.0 is the newest release