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Atlas GA: Define an Enterprise Design Language to Employ Your Organization’s UI Best Practices Automatically Across Multiple Teams

7.6: Improve Apps with Expression-based Validations, Offline Data Synchronization Enhancements, and an Enriched Web Modeler Experience.

7.5: The Mendix Atlas Release Brings Design Thinking to Low-Code Development

7.4: Create Powerful Offline Mobile Apps, Improve Multi-channel UI, and Utilize New Mobile Widgets

7.3: Define Complex Logic, Simplify Mobile App Publishing, and Improve Validations

7.2: Improve App Development Across Form Factors, Build and Publish Rich Mobile Apps, and Improve Integrations

7.1: Utilize Conditional Visibility and Improved Custom Widget Functionality

7.0: Mendix 7 Introduces a Completely Stateless Runtime Architecture

7.0: Mendix 7 Advances High Productivity App Development Without Sacrificing Control