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Latest Release

Mendix 7.16

Making It Easy to REST

This month we are capping off the progress made in REST publish services with an awesome enhancement, single sign-on with the SAP Cloud, as well as updates to the Web Modeler microflow capabilities and other delighters.

Prior Releases

Mendix 7.15

Sharpening the Saw

This month’s release continues to enhance REST API capabilities along with user access management reporting from the platform portal, and a number of productivity enhancements to the Web Modeler and Desktop Modeler. Read on for all the details of the Mendix 7.15 release.

Mendix 7.14

The Power of Teamwork

Release 7.14 focuses on team collaboration capabilities to share knowledge throughout the development cycle and across the platform. These collaboration capabilities allow each team member to contribute to a successful result. Moreover, we released Desktop Modeler updates to make development easier, REST Publish enhancements, and new functionality in the Mendix Cloud. Read the full blog to dive into what’s in the Mendix 7.14 release. 

Mendix 7.13

A Baker’s Dozen of Developer Updates

It’s the end of March and that means it’s time for another Mendix release. This month's update includes charting and Atlas UI updates, offline mobile enhancements, and more Desktop Modeler delighters we know you will enjoy. Read the full article to learn about the top 13 updates in Mendix 7.13.

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