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Explore Mendix solutions tailored to your industry.

  • Mendix FSM

    Mendix FSM is a comprehensive and integrated field service management best-practice suite.

  • Direct Model Testing

    Menditect Test Automation (MTA) – Menditect enhances the speed of Mendix app delivery to the business by removing test automation bottlenecks. Menditect MTA delivers unparalleled test coverage for acceptable costs to our customers.

  • Mendix PLM for Fashion and Retail

    Visually interactive solution for emerging and mid-market brands to streamline ideation, design, merchandising, development and sourcing.

  • Data Exchange Solution

    EzXchange for Mendix  by Intelizign is highly configurable, scalable, easy to use solution for Mendix applications which need data exchange with Teamcenter. This solution can also be used to exchange data between Teamcenter and any other enterprise application.

  • a
    Teams, Time and Project Management

    Forget your spreadsheets and try The Teamer to monitor your project’s burn rate. Plan your resources effectively based on real time working hours. Finally, a smart and simple HRIS: Time tracking, resource scheduling and project budget management.

  • SAP Supply Chain Mobility

    Eliminate manual processes or outdated RF technology within your warehouse, manufacturing site or distribution centre. PreBilt™ offers a suite of out of the box mobile applications that cover end-to-end SAP supply chain processes (IM, WM & EWM).

  • Plant Equipment Maintenance

    Reduce unplanned equipment downtime to optimize costs and increase plant productivity. Commercial solution that allows for extensibility using low code platform.

  • Digital Insurance Suite

    Address the needs of insurance brokers and underwriters in areas such as new business onboarding, billing and payments, adjustments, claims and renewals. Provide flexible connectivity to existing core systems to add a modern digital portal that serves the evolving needs of digital insurance.

  • NX Reporting & Analytics

    Provides various industries a competitive edge with insight into CAx data through its new Reporting and Analytics app on desktop and mobile devices.

  • Smart Delivery Management

    Enables organizations to plan routes, fulfill sales orders and allocate drives by using Mendix, S/4HANA, and SAP SuccessFactors.

  • Claims Portal

    Allows insurance customers to quickly report personal property losses.

  • IoT Logistics Tracking

    SAP IOT Logistics enables logistics and shipping companies to track cargo for changes in environmental conditions and write smart contracts using SAP Blockchain.

  • AI Smart Banking

    A customer self-service app where they can also apply for new products using an integrated IBM chatbot.

  • a
    Omnichannel Integration Layer

    Deliver a seamless customer experience across selling and fulfillment channels by managing orders, customers, and inventory in one place.

  • Intelligent Care Services

    An offline-first mobile app that runs on IOS and Android and allows remote workers to manage their daily appointments, tasks, and audits.

  • Quote & Buy

    Customers can insure their high-value personal property with a user-friendly app that is integrated to an accurate rating engine.

  • a
    AI Face Recognition

    Leverage a combination of machine learning and facial recognition, in parallel with a rating engine, to provide accurate quotations instantly from a picture.

  • Intelligent Planning

    Automate maintenance and repair work planning through an application that accounts for SLA, qualifications, regulatory compliance, and available skilled staff. Adapt quickly to real-time changes while still offering the control to plan for edge cases.

  • Mortgage Application Management

    Accelerate time to market with new loan and mortgage products to compete with banking start-ups.

  • Rating Engine

    Mendix enables you to directly develop your rating engine within the platform or simply call your existing platform through an integration.

  • a
    Supplier Delivery Inspections

    Improve the process of identifying, inspecting and processing delivered goods. Save time on identifying delivery vehicles by leveraging OCR.

  • Product Portfolio Management

    Shorten time to market of new product launches by increasing stakeholder collaboration. Leverage ideas and suggestions from throughout your enterprise and provide a rigorous qualification process to quantify expected value.

  • nighttime
    Smart Connected Buildings

    Gain real-time insight into how your building or properties are functioning and operating. Analytics and machine learning work together to provide suggestions for improvements and the option to automate preventative maintenance.

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    Intelligent Energy Insight

    Provide your customers with a self-service tool that makes it possible for them to monitor and control their energy usage. Support your customers’ sustainability efforts through a user-friendly interface with gamified features.

  • Simulations Anywhere

    Democratize System Simulation with cloud access to Simcenter via your web browser.

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    Smart Fleet Manager

    Monitor connected vehicles, reduce service costs, maximize utilization, and improve customer satisfaction with Fleet Manager.