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  • a butterfly made out of geometric shapesThe 4 Keys to Executing Digital Transformation
    Regardless of its vague nature or sounding like a buzzword that’s lost its meaning, the need for digital transformation is here. And not only do you need a plan—you need a way to execute it.
  • Hear from Accenture: Mastering the IT-Business Collaboration for Digitalization
    Join our discussion with Accenture digital growth experts, where we will cover how to successfully achieve digitalization in your business through business-IT collaboration.
  • Turn Spreadsheets into Mobile Apps: How Siemens Digitized Workflows
    In this session, you’ll see how Siemens used a low-code workflow editor to quickly digitize and automate business processes previously managed by hundreds of Excel files.
  • various screens juxtaposedExtend Your ERP and CRM to Digitize Business Processes
    Join our Mendix Spotlight session, where we dive into how to use low-code development to easily build bolt-on functionalities to your core systems of record so that you can automate critical business processes.
  • drawing of a spaceship taking offYour #1 Tool for Effectively Onboarding Customers: Automation
    See how Mendix offers high flexibility and robust reuse capabilities to make this initiative easier by streamlining and simplifying the development process.
  • Build an Intelligent Customer Portal for Incident Management
    If your customer service processes primarily consist of manual emails, phone calls, or in-person conversations — then you’re doing it wrong. Your customers want a frictionless, on-demand, and personalized experience when they interact with your brand.
  • Digitize Complex Approval Workflows
    Financial requests and the necessary approval process can be challenging. Whether you use SAP, Excel, email, or other systems of record, the network of tools is challenging to use and provides little visibility into the process.
  • Delivering Apps Without Constraints
    Do you believe you will, sooner or later, hit a wall with low-code? That you will find a point where your low-code platform lacks the flexibility needed to incorporate new functionality? Think again!
  • Mendix Studio Tutorial
    Senior Product Marketing Manager Jeffrey Goldberg demonstrates how to build an app in less than 5 minutes using the Mendix Studio.
  • Deliver High-Quality Apps Throughout ALM
    There are few worse things than releasing an app that doesn’t work. When quality gaps reach customers, it impacts your credibility, reputation, and bottom line in the market. You need to find a way to optimize agility without compromising quality.
  • Accelerating DevOps within your Architecture
    In this edition of Low-Code in 30, Mendix evangelist Simon Black demonstrates how to accelerate DevOps collaboration with the Mendix low-code application development platform.
  • We Built an IoT Application in 10 Days
    Mendix Evangelists Simon Black and Craig White demonstrate collaborative visual development in this Mendix in 30 presentation.
  • Building Smart Apps with IoT and Blockchain
    Learn how you can use the Mendix APIs to utilize existing processes, infrastructures and tools, and integrate with your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Collaborative Visual Development
    Learn how Mendix enables organizations to develop complex business applications with maximum speed, collaboration and control.
  • Building Mobile Experiences
    In this edition of Low-code in 30, Mendix evangelist Simon Black demonstrates building mobile experiences in the Mendix platform.
  • Mendix for University
    In this tutorial you will learn how to extend the native functionality of Mendix through the connector kit, while avoiding having to build an integration more than once and allowing non-technical users to reuse connectors.
  • Mendix Live Demo
    This webinar hosted by Daniela Field, Technology Faculty Advisor at Mendix, and Michael Litman, Computer Science Professor at Concordia University, discusses the use of low-code to tackle real-life issues and bridge the skills gap.
  • Build an Insurance Application in Only 10 Days
    In this video, we’ll explore the extensibility of the Mendix platform and how you can use the type script based Model SDK to automate any repetitive or error-prone tasks.
  • Build a Connector in Mendix
    In this video, we discuss how to create a Mendix app which integrates with an SAP OData Service.
  • Deliver AI and Cognitive Services with Ease
    Join us for our Low Code in 30 webinar where we discuss the challenges surrounding AI and cognitive services implementation and how Mendix helps strip away the complexity so you can make a solution that fits your business opportunity.
  • For Professors: Bridging your Students’ Technical Skills Gap
    In this short video, Jeff Goldberg demonstrates how Mendix Assist, utilizing artificial intelligence, helps build a piece of microflow logic.
  • Model SDK in Mendix
    We’ll take a look at a Mendix Logistics app that integrates SAP Leonardo IoT data, we’ll extend the app by integrating SAP Leonardo blockchain using REST, before deploying to the SAP Cloud Platform.
  • Integrate with an SAP oData Service
    Learn how to create a Mendix app & integrate an SAP OData Service.
  • A Demonstration of Mendix Assist
    Going step-by-step, we'll explore some of Mendix Assist's finer details. We'll create a microflow utilizing Mendix Assist, how to use recommendations, and experience how Mendix Assist auto-creates elements.
  • SAP Leonardo IoT and Blockchain
    Take a look at a Mendix Logistics app that integrates SAP Leonardo IoT data, we'll extend the app by integrating SAP Leonardo blockchain using REST, before deploying to the SAP Cloud Platform.