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Featured demos to get you started

Create Engaging Apps with a Multiexperience Development Platform

Mendix was recently named a Leader in the Gartner MXDP 2019 Magic Quadrant and makes it easy to support the emergence of these new types of user interfaces.

  • MXDP
  • Stopwatch 30 Min

Leveraging IoT to Improve Decision Making

Low-code makes it a breeze for anyone to connect to IoT platforms, allowing for the creation of proactive smart applications.

  • IoT
  • Stopwatch 30 min

Integrating Conversational Platforms to Enhance UX

Deploy your communications across your application portfolio through a reusable approach. Low-code makes it simple for anyone to connect conversational platforms seamlessly with your business processes and back-end systems.

  • Integration
  • Stopwatch 22 min

The Face Quote Challenge

Watch this demo to see how we built a facial recognition insurance app in under 30 minutes using the Mendix Platform.

  • Facial Recognition
  • Stopwatch 33 min

Deliver AI and Cognitive Services with Ease

Join us for our Low Code in 30 webinar where we discuss the challenges surrounding AI and cognitive services implementation and how Mendix helps strip away the complexity so you can make a solution that fits your business opportunity.

  • AI
  • Stopwatch 18 min

Delivering Apps Without Constraints

Do you believe you will, sooner or later, hit a wall with low-code? That you will find a point where your low-code platform lacks the flexibility needed to incorporate new functionality? Think again!

  • Integration
  • Stopwatch 20 min

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Deliver High-Quality Apps Throughout ALM

There are few worse things than releasing an app that doesn’t work. When quality gaps reach customers, it impacts your credibility, reputation, and bottom line in the market. You need to find a way to optimize agility without compromising quality.

  • Quality
  • Stopwatch 29 min

Mendix Web Modeler Tutorial

Senior Product Marketing Manager Jeffrey Goldberg demonstrates how to build an app in less than 5 minutes using the Mendix Web Modeler.

  • Web modeler
  • Stopwatch 5 min

Accelerating DevOps within your Architecture

In this edition of Low-Code in 30, Mendix evangelist Simon Black demonstrates how to accelerate DevOps collaboration with the Mendix low-code application development platform.

  • DevOps
  • Stopwatch 30 min

Building Mobile Experiences

In this edition of Low-code in 30, Mendix evangelist Simon Black demonstrates building mobile experiences in the Mendix platform.

  • Mobile
  • Stopwatch 47 min

We Built an IoT Application in 10 Days

Mendix Evangelists Simon Black and Craig White demonstrate collaborative visual development in this Mendix in 30 presentation.

  • IoT
  • Stopwatch 3 min

Building Smart Apps with IoT and Blockchain

Learn how you can use the Mendix APIs to utilize existing processes, infrastructures and tools, and integrate with your CI/CD pipeline.

  • IoT
  • Stopwatch 34 min

Collaborative Visual Development

Learn how Mendix enables organizations to develop complex business applications with maximum speed, collaboration and control.

  • Platform
  • Stopwatch 30 min

Utilizing Mendix Platform APIs

Once you've seen what we were able to build in just 10 days using Mendix, what will you build?

  • Integration
  • Stopwatch 3 min

Mendix for University

In this tutorial you will learn how to extend the native functionality of Mendix through the connector kit, while avoiding having to build an integration more than once and allowing non-technical users to reuse connectors.

  • University
  • Stopwatch 2 min

Mendix Live Demo

This webinar hosted by Daniela Field, Technology Faculty Advisor at Mendix, and Michael Litman, Computer Science Professor at Concordia University, discusses the use of low-code to tackle real-life issues and bridge the skills gap.

  • Platform
  • Stopwatch 44 min

Build an Insurance Application in Only 10 Days

In this video, we’ll explore the extensibility of the Mendix platform and how you can use the type script based Model SDK to automate any repetitive or error-prone tasks.

  • Insurance
  • Stopwatch 4 min

Build a Connector in Mendix

In this video, we discuss how to create a Mendix app which integrates with an SAP OData Service.

  • Integration
  • Stopwatch 3 min

For Professors: Bridging your Students’ Technical Skills Gap

In this short video, Jeff Goldberg demonstrates how Mendix Assist, utilizing artificial intelligence, helps build a piece of microflow logic.

  • University
  • Stopwatch 46 min

Model SDK in Mendix

We’ll take a look at a Mendix Logistics app that integrates SAP Leonardo IoT data, we’ll extend the app by integrating SAP Leonardo blockchain using REST, before deploying to the SAP Cloud Platform.

  • Integration
  • Stopwatch 4 min

Integrate with an SAP oData Service

  • Integration
  • Stopwatch 3 min

A Demonstration of Mendix Assist

  • AI
  • Stopwatch 4 min

SAP Leonardo IoT and Blockchain

  • Integration
  • Stopwatch 3 min
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