Low-code Governance
at Every Level

Mendix offers the most trusted governance tools and controls of any low-code application development platform.

What is low-code governance?

Low-code governance is a set of guardrails or rules an organization sets to ensure the secure, compliant, and effective use of a low-code application development platform.

Robust governance and controls are essential aspects of low-code platform security because the technology makes application development more accessible to people outside of IT.

With more people building applications and more applications being built, enterprises need a low-code platform that provides visibility, insight, and control over every aspect of the application development lifecycle.

Low-code governance with Mendix

Low-code governance focuses on people, process, portfolio, and platform. By applying governance to the four Ps of digital transformation, Mendix provides the foundation enterprises need to implement a low-code governance strategy.

Govern your people

Above all, the people on your Mendix team will determine your success. That's why low-code governance starts with the people part of digital transformation. Mendix helps you find, understand, and develop talent, and gives you full control over what people in your organization can access.

  • Train and encourage existing talent

    The thriving Mendix Community is home to thousands of users and active contributors. Here, you can find talent and partners to help you reach your low-code goals.

    The Community also features updates on product releases, meetups, documentation, webinars, and Mendix Academy content.

    • Browse Mendix developer profiles to see certifications, skill levels, portfolios, and activities
    • Tailor employee onboarding experiences
    • Utilize Mendix Academy, our global learning academy for self-paced or classroom training
    Browse the Mendix Community
  • Control everyone's access

    Mendix Control Center gives you a centralized overview of organizational activities.

    Accessible only to Mendix admins, Control Center is where you can manage who is allowed access and what they are allowed to do in the platform.

    • Bring-your-own Identity Provider (BYOIdP)​ to manage access with your preferred IdP
    • Set up identity and access management (IAM)
    • Analyze members’ Mendix certification levels
    • View and manage external members who have access to your applications
    • Gain insights into developers’ activities
    • Deactivate members’ access to the platform
    Explore Control Center

Manage your DevOps processes

Add guardrails to your processes. With our DevOps capabilities, a single team can develop, maintain, and support applications while adhering to your enterprise governance standards and requirements.

  • Manage the application development lifecycle

    The Mendix Developer Portal is a central hub for teams to collaborate, deploy, and maintain applications.

    From ideation to delivery, teams can configure and manage the delivery of Mendix projects throughout all stages of the low-code application lifecycle.

    • Configure how you deploy, monitor, and receive alerts
    • Collaborate with team members
    • See development progress with version control
    • Manage and prioritize feedback from end users and testers
    • Choose when and how you upgrade your applications
    Read more about Developer Portal
  • Control your DevOps practices

    Standard DevOps tools and services are available out of the box, and many are fully automated in the Mendix platform. Openness and extensibility also enable teams to create and implement their own bespoke DevOps practices.

    Mendix features automated testing, proactive quality monitoring, consistency checks, and an extensive toolset with APIs to help you establish your own DevOps strategy.

    • Manage the process of delivering application requirements with Mendix Epics using Agile project management methodologies like Kanban or Scrum
    • Integrate third-party DevOps and CI/CD tools with open APIs
    • Enable multiple developers to work on the same project in parallel using Git version control
    Read more about DevOps

Prioritize your portfolio

With planning tools to align development priorities and a centralized view of your entire application portfolio, Mendix helps teams prevent technical debt, shadow IT, and wasted resources.

  • Plan and build your application portfolio

    Mendix Portfolio Management includes a central overview of all the applications your organization is planning, building, and maintaining.

    Use the platform’s value assessment, effort estimation, and resource planning features to prioritize projects that bring the most value to your organization and your end users.

    • Control digital initiatives and mitigate risk
    • Prioritize projects and resource allocation
    • Organize and structure your application landscape
    • Plan, categorize, and find value in the solutions you want to deliver
    • Communicate business value and stimulate the creation of more applications
    See more on Portfolio Management
  • Manage your apps and data

    Mendix Connect and Control Center make it easy to govern both your application and data portfolios.

    View everything that’s happening with your application portfolio in real-time, including activities, application roles, version information, data sources, and cloud resources.

    • Monitor application status and related activities
    • Proactively check for updates and maintenance
    • Manage cloud environments via Control Center
    • Leverage Mendix Connect to scale your data portfolio
    • Control who can own, manage, and curate data sources
    Meet Mendix Connect

Control your platform setup

Mendix handles all the aspects of your platform technical security so your developers don’t have to. Built-in security and governance features enable teams to create bespoke experiences for both platform users and end users.

  • Govern with a trusted platform

    As the most secure low-code platform on the market, Mendix follows security and accessibility best practices to ensure that your applications meet the highest possible standards.

    The platform complies with third-party security certifications and assurance reports and handles known security threats in both the runtime and cloud.

    • Reactive, preventative, and defensive controls
    • Monthly platform pen testing
    • Vulnerability management
    • Integrated identity management support
    • Continuous monitoring of your security posture
    • Vulnerability disclosure program (VDP) via HackerOne
    • Compliance with third-party security certifications, reports, and standards
    Get more details on security and compliance
  • Customize platform and application experiences

    Mendix’s built-in security controls give you the freedom to tailor both the platform and applications to meet your organization’s governance and compliance standards.

    You can also extend the capabilities of your applications by integrating your own components or third-party services and deploying to the cloud environment of your choice.

    • Deploy to your choice of a public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises
    • Create tailored platform experiences for developers and end-users
    • Implement guidelines and policies to mitigate risk
    • Centrally manage organizational branding across the platform and services
    • Build a design system for use within your team or enterprise with custom themes, branding, and UI behavior
    Learn about the Mendix Security Model

Low-Code Governance

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