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Mendix for Financial Services is an essential destination for organizations looking to set the benchmark for operational excellence, as well as customer and employee experiences. Here, you’ll have access to industry-focused best practices and the people who create them. This integrated cloud experience connects customers to partners and a diverse, prolific developer community. Extend your applications using our digital marketplace, with out-of-the-box workflows, connectors to commonly used systems, and a wide variety of components that can be customized to suit your specific needs and rapidly deploy solutions. Scroll down to continue exploring.

Marketplace for Financial Services

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  • Loan originationLoan Origination
    The responsive web app guides customers through the process of applying for a personal loan, first by providing an indicative loan repayment calculator.
  • Onboarding
    Improve the customer engagement and process efficiency between agents and their clients. Help customers register to their wealth portal, and manage their details, portfolio and documentation...
  • Native Banking App
    Deliver a user-oriented banking experience with features such as biometrics, money transfers, chatbot integration, transaction push notifications...
  • Portfolio Manager
    This B2C responsive web app helps to guide customers through the process of creating a new investment pot or investment portfolio. Customers choose a risk level and investment style and are given a...

Customer Stories

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  • Capitalizing on Customer Experience
    Facing tight budgets and a shortage of development talent, the Rabobank IDB team was able to build 3 significant customer touchpoints with an interchangeable team of only 3-5 engineers at a given time using Mendix.
  • Washington Federal Bank Delivers Great Online Customer Experiences
    Find out how WaFd used Mendix to rebuild their online banking portal from scratch, giving them full control over their customers’ digital experience.
  • Banking on Agility
    Founded to make Canada the best place in the world to start a business, BDC aimed to modernize its core to better support entrepreneurs.

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