Mendix for Financial Services

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Build What You Need, When You Need It

Automate internal processes and create novel products

Keeping up with the FinTechs

Customer expectations, exponential data, and open banking are changing the Financial Services game. Disruption is the norm, not the exception, and new FinTechs were built from the ground up to adapt to a market that requires evolutionary readiness to stay competitive and relevant.

Internal processes fuel external success

The amount of data managed by financial transactions is staggering, and it’s only increasing. That data needs to be processed in seconds and is governed by stringent regulations. Your organization needs to be able to manage, locate, and protect that data. Both to avoid fines and to provide seamless, integrated cross-channel experiences for your customers.

Create custom solutions

With Mendix you can build bespoke solutions that manage the complexity of that data on the back end and create intelligent customer-facing products. Improve workflows and make better apps in a secure, scalable environment at speed.

Innovate with low-code

Regardless of where you fall on the Financial Services spectrum, every organization has disparate legacy systems that impede innovation and agility. Any financial institution, from global goliaths to regional consortia, can use Mendix to build agile, adaptable applications and solutions quickly, securely, and at scale.

Change Is Constant

Enable Constant Change

Solve Problems with Big Ideas

Increase Operational Efficiency

Mendix empowers your business domain experts who creatively solved issues caused by lacking legacy systems in Excel, Access, and SharePoint to create agile, lasting solutions. With low-code they can build fully-functional programs that eliminate technical debt and can grow as-needed going forward.

Your business stakeholders and IT development team can collaborate on solutions from ideation through deployment, which yields a better product and eliminates rework.

BDC used Mendix to redesign its core lending system for loan origination, administration, and disbursement. Customers could apply and be approved for loans faster and through an easier process that was also cheaper for the business.

Work Smarter Behind the Scenes

Enhance your customer’s experience

Customer expectations are advancing. They want their interactions with companies to be tailored to their needs, customized to the mode of interaction, and fully integrated across all channels.

To create rich, modern, fit-for-purpose experiences, your back-end workflows must be capable of processing mass quantities of data across your enterprise systems in seconds. You must ensure that those tailored experiences remain engaging by improving and iterating at a pace the market expects.

Mendix can help you streamline your back-end workflows and provide you with a platform to build the kind of applications and services your customers want.

ABN Amro created a mobile version of their regulatory pre-trade check in hours. Their clients got faster, in-the-moment responses to their trade requests.

Right-Size Your Solutions

Leverage a scalable architecture

From all-encompassing core systems to elegant, simple replacements for Excel “apps” Mendix makes it possible for you to build applications and solutions at a scale appropriate to any project.

Serving the customer better with a new core system & mobile app

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Reduction in IT costs

500K +

Customers on the app


Managed with the app

What can you make with Mendix?

Explore whats available for Financial Services in our Solutions Gallery.

  • Customer Portal

    Build a portal where your customers can manage their accounts and weave into a broader customer-service ecosystem.

  • Mortgage Application Management

    Customers get a fast, accurate Mortgage Decision in Principle from an easy-to-use mobile interface.

  • Product Portfolio Management

    Leverage ideas and suggestions from throughout your enterprise and provide a rigorous qualification process to quantify expected value.