Mendix MVP Program

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About the program

  • What are Mendix MVPs

    Mendix MVPs are the driving force behind the success of the community.
    They are experts, leaders, and evangelists who dedicate their time and use their knowledge to empower others.

  • What do MVPs do

    They actively contribute to the community by publishing videos, organizing events, providing product feedback, and more to help the community take full advantage of the platform and build innovative solutions.

  • What does the program do

    The MVPs program brings together experts in different fields, and equips them with the right tools, support and resources they need to make an even bigger impact on the success of the community.

Benefits of the program

  • Early access to new releases and product updates

  • Exclusive MVP sessions with product management

  • Regular roadmap updates with senior management

  • Access to Alpha and Beta programs for new products

  • First dibs on speaking slots, event tickets and more

  • Moderator rights on the Forum, Marketplace, and Slack

Hear from other MVPs

  • “Roadmap access and contact with product management helps me build better products and quickly adapt to market changes.”

    Marcel Groeneweg

    Mendix Expert Consultant and Product MVP, Aiden

    Marketplace: Document Layout Widget
  • “Joining the Mendix MVP program is your chance to be more visible in the community and showcase the exciting projects you and your company are working on. In addition, the position means you get to work closely with the Mendix teams as they develop groundbreaking features, giving you the power to provide feedback and influence how these features will work and what they will look like when they're released.”

    Eline Bijkerk

    Mendix Expert Consultant and Support MVP, Conclusion

    Video: ChatGPT in Mendix (April's Fool)
  • “The MVP Program gives me the credibility and opportunity to take the Mendix Community to the next level.”

    Ömer Kafaoglu

    Founder and Pathfinder MVP, LowCodeX

    Webinar: Supercharge Your SAP Landscape with Low-Code
  • “Being a Mendix MVP is an opportunity to inspire new makers and assist organizations to transform even faster. As MVP, we get the chance to actively contribute, making the Mendix ecosystem even more powerful through exclusive feedback sessions.”

    Sjoerd Beljon

    Co-Founder and Pathfinder MVP, Kobeon

    Meetup: Create White-Label Apps in a Multi-App Landscape

MVP Specializations

  • Product

    Product MVPs drive platform adoption by providing product feedback, contributing to the Marketplace, and creating content for the community that explains new features and functionalities.

  • Support

    Support MVPs help community members to receive timely solutions to their problem or query through answering Forum questions, moderating Slack channels, and publishing how-to content.

  • Trainer

    Trainer MVPs enable the community to use the platform optimally by delivering training, providing feedback for Mendix Academy portfolio, and enabling aspiring Mendix trainers .

  • Pathfinder

    Pathfinder MVPs grow the local Mendix Community by moderating regional Slack channels, organizing events, and publishing content in local language.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a member of the MVP Program?

    The MVP Program has two types of members: Candidates and MVPs. To apply as a candidate, you need to meet the following minimum requirements:

    – Public Mendix profile with a profile picture.
    – Minimum Advanced Developer certified.
    – Mendix level 5 or higher.
    – 3 years of Mendix experience or higher.

    Once your application is accepted, you will be part of the MVP Program and get access to the MVP App as a candidate. Candidates are people whose application has been accepted and now need to work towards their chosen specialization’s goal to achieve the MVP status. As a candidate, you can submit your community activities as contributions and the corresponding MVP points will be added to your account.
    MVPs need to meet the same requirements for their specialization as candidates and have one year to do so before the clock starts again. If the requirements are not met within that year, the MVP status is removed.

  • What do I need to do to become a Product MVP?

    Product MVP is specialized in improving platform capabilities and driving product adoption and retention. To become a Product MVP, you need to meet the following MVP requirements:

    – Test beta release and share findings.
    – Participate in at least two product feedback or research sessions.
    – Publish at least two Marketplace components.
    – Obtain 7000 MVP points.

  • What do I need to do to become a Support MVP?

    Support MVP is specialized in providing community timely solutions to their problems or query. To become a Support MVP, you need to meet the following MVP requirements:

    – Have 40 accepted Forum answers.
    – Publish four pieces of how-to content.
    – Obtain 8000 MVP points.

  • What do I need to do to become a Trainer MVP?

    Trainer MVP is specialized in enabling and certifying the community to use the platform optimally. To become a Trainer MVP, you need to meet the following MVP requirements:

    – Maintain the conditions of the Trainer Community memberships
    – Deliver 36 additional hours of training.
    – Publish two pieces of content.
    – Obtain 7000 MVP points.

  • What do I need to do to become a Pathfinder MVP?

    Pathfinder MVP is specialized in growing local Mendix Community and helping newcomers in their Mendix journey. To become a Pathfinder MVP, you need to meet the following MVP requirements:

    – Organize at least two events.
    – Publish two pieces of content or have 30 accepted Forum answers.
    – Obtain 6000 MVP points.

  • Other than contributing to the community, what else is expected from an MVP?

    You need to make sure to update your progress in the MVP App by submitting your activities. You will also have quarterly check-in moments with the Community Manager to discuss any feedback, input, and planning for the upcoming quarter.
    There are regular MVP sessions and roadmap updates to provide you advanced knowledge with Mendix newest releases and initiatives, but these sessions are optional.

  • Can I lose my MVP Status?

    Losing the MVP status can happen for various reasons, including:

    – Breaking the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that you sign with Mendix. This is a breach of trust that can result in immediate termination of your MVP status.

    – Failing to maintain the required level of activity by the end of your cycle. Once you become an MVP, you have 365 days to do the listed requirements after which your status will be renewed.

    – Changing your circumstances of priorities that affect your ability to participate in the program. You may have personal or professional reasons that prevent you from continuing your involvement in the Mendix ecosystem. In such cases, it is a mutually agreed decision between the MVP and the Community Manager.

    Losing MVP status means losing access to the exclusive benefits and resources that the program offers.