Mendix MVP Program

For makers who go the extra mile

About the MVP Program

We’re all makers, but there are some who strive for more. They are experts, leaders, and evangelists who enjoy helping others and building a stronger community of makers. They are people whose opinions and insight we regard highly. The MVP Program is a way for us to bring these passionate experts together, and equip them with the tools and support they need to make an even bigger impact in the community, within organizations, and at customers.


MVPs are experts in a number of different topics – skilled in technology, business, driving change, and delivering value.


MVPs lead the way in exploring new technologies to solve common challenges and build innovative solutions.


MVPs have found success and want to help others attain that same success. They love sharing what they’ve made, how they’ve made it, and how they can help others make it.

What type of MVP are you?

Community MVP

  • Loves serving the community through the Forum, Meetups, blogs, and other hangouts
  • Technical experts on the Mendix platform
  • Loves experimenting and sharing the results to drive innovation within the Mendix community

Customer MVP

  • Enjoys speaking at conferences and events along with other thought leaders
  • Shares success stories and challenges overcome with other customers
  • Sees benefit in sharing their story to a broader audience

As an MVP, you get…

Advanced notice and early access to new product updates and features

Brainstorm and feedback sessions with product management

Exclusive networking opportunities, unique experiences, VIP treatment, and recognition at industry events

Remote round table conversation with our Evangelists team to discuss industry trends, topics, and emerging technologies

MVP spotlight across social media channels

MVP badge on your maker Profile

How do you become an MVP?

We don’t want to bother you with tedious requirements and detailed expectations. Instead, here’s what we’re looking for in our MVPs.

Community MVP

  • Be passionate about Mendix and the platform
  • Be active in the community on the Forum, creating videos, organizing meetups and more
  • Public profile and profile picture
  • Level 5, Advanced certified, 3+ years of experience

Customer MVP

  • Participate in co-marketing activities with Mendix
  • Be a customer reference for prospects and other Mendix customers
  • Display thought leadership and knowledge in software development and IT

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