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Assemble New Digital Experiences. Accelerate Business Transformation.

Across your value chain, people see the possibilities for new efficiencies, new connections, and new ways of engagement. Mendix gives you the platform to assemble the right business experience across domains, keeping your digital thread unbroken from strategy to planning to design to manufacturing. Beyond the enterprise, Mendix allows you to reach back into the supply chain and forward to the consumer, engaging more of the value chain within your digital fabric. Mendix empowers domain experts to participate in the creation of applications, acting on their ideas for business innovation. Harnessing the untapped value of core enterprise systems, Mendix connects data, workflows and events with intelligent automation, transforming the business and consumer experience in mere days or weeks.

Marketplace for Manufacturing Industries

  • 3D Viewer3D Viewer
    This module provides viewing capability of JT models with a flexible combination of 3D Widgets and other out-of-box tools. View / operate model, list model product structure tree, and more...
  • Siemens FSM Powered By MendixMendix FSM
    Empower field workers with technology to improve productivity, safety, and employee satisfaction across the operation.
  • NX Reporting & Analytics
    Gain a competitive edge through insight into CAx data via its new Reporting and Analytics app on desktop and mobile. Oversee product development, explore product data, review product quality...
  • Smart Warehousing
    Physical goods can literally be the building blocks to your business. Use modern RFID technology and smart applications to automate, simplify and speed up material handling to save time, effort...

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