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Mendix vs. Outsystems

Development speed is a key reason for adopting a Low-Code platform, but focusing on speed alone doesn’t translate to the agility and scale your enterprise needs in a digital world.

Mendix brings together business stakeholders, developers, and specialists to collaborate throughout the application development lifecycle. Development is faster and more efficient because the business and IT combine their domain expertise during application creation. Application quality is significantly higher because requirements and outcomes are in alignment. And total cost of ownership is lower because adopting an agile and iterative process reduces re-work after applications go live.

Enable Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management (CALM)

CALM process workflow

Increasing application project success requires the business to be in lock-step with the end-to-end application lifecycle. Without integrated collaboration tools, expectations between what customers need and what developers deliver remain misaligned and impact overall business performance.

Mendix is the only low-code platform that brings your business and IT teams together so you build the apps your business needs.

CALM facilitates enterprise application development with:

  • Open and transparent requirements management flowing through every part of the platform to support an agile and iterative approach to application development.
  • Purpose built development environments enable direct communication to bring business and IT subject matter expertise together during app design and development.
  • The Mendix mobile application enables agility and open communication with social feed capabilities for users to share comments directly with the development team during testing and validation. Developers get the message and make rapid changes in real time vs. waiting to receive feedback after the app has been deployed into production.

Increase developer supply to meet application demand

The talent shortage for software engineers shows no signs of slowing. Colleges aren’t graduating computer science students in numbers to fill the 400,000+ open software engineering roles today. To relieve the pressure, you need a low-code platform with a development environment easy enough for the business to build applications while supplying professional developers with the capabilities to tackle the toughest application development challenges.

Citizen Developer
Professional Developer

Mendix Web Modeler

Engage the business in application development with the web modeler.

  • Create applications with professional user interfaces with no code
  • Drag and Drop UI, Logic, and Data
  • Governed experience

Mendix Desktop Modeler

Deliver a first-class development environment for professional developers.

  • Build complex microservices and REST APIs with ease
  • Built-in version control with branching and merging
  • Local deployment with Instant Update saves time during development

Declare platform independence and maximize extensibility

Connecting people and giving them the right tools go a long way toward realizing the agility and scale you need to digitize your enterprise. Selecting a platform that supports modern architecture principles and enables DevOps automation in your existing toolchains and workloads is paramount to maximizing agility and scale throughout the application lifecycle.

Mendix leads the way because it is:

  • built using open standards including Scala, Java, HTML5, CSS3, React, OpenAPI, OData, and REST to support seamless integration and extensibility at the platform level and application level.
  • cloud-native, and enables developers to build an application once and deploy it on-premises, to public or private clouds, or a combination multi-cloud scenarios using CloudFoundry or Docker and Kubernetes build packs.
  • the low-code partner of choice for SAP and IBM, offering connectivity to application services, standards-based data integrations, application templates, single sign-on, and 1-click deployment to their cloud platforms.

The competition

Why does focusing on speed create more bottlenecks in the application development lifecycle?

Even with advancements in application development methodologies and tools, the success rate for application projects continues to hover around 30%. Going n-times faster developing applications is a key reason why companies are switching to high-productivity development platforms. Unfortunately, if the platform you choose focuses only on development speed during the application life-cycle, it will adversely impact quality and cost. When considering Mendix or OutSystems for your enterprise, choose the platform that is beneficial to speed, quality, and cost through the entire application life-cycle.

  • Mendix employs a proactive approach to application development through collaborative application lifecycle management (CALM). CALM connects your business and IT team members as one application project team so they deliver applications with better quality and higher adoption rates in less time because all key stakeholders are included in the development process.
  • OutSystems takes a reactive approach to the application development lifecycle providing only feedback capabilities and a new application page rating system to collect information from end users. The platform does not bring together the entire set of stakeholders from business and IT teams to work collaboratively. Their approach to app development doesn’t solve the core problem that leads to large backlogs, successful app adoption and digital transformation – the lack of real-time and continuous collaboration between business and IT teams.

Am I locked into your platform like Outsystems?

No, Mendix does not lock you into the platform. A common misconception with Mendix is that customers are locked in because there is no code generation to take your apps elsewhere if you leave the platform. Mendix does not generate code because the model provides our customers with freedom and flexibility.

Export models anytime you want to Java or SQL DDL using the model SDK.

  • Export models anytime you want using the model SDK. Use conventional tools to transform UI, logic, and data into the format of your choosing.
  • Mendix keeps your intellectual property safe and secure in perpetuity. Restoring applications in Mendix is a one-click operation.

While OutSystems will provide you with source code extracts of your applications, a common misconception is that the code received is native and can run without OutSystems platform libraries. This information is false. Yes, OutSystems will give you the code, but getting your applications to run outside of their platform is complex and requires intimate knowledge of their proprietary platform libraries.

  • OutSystems does not supply an SDK to export models and data from OutSystems applications unless you leave the platform.
  • Upon discontinuing your relationship with OutSystems, your OutSystems infrastructure instances are terminated and unrecoverable.
  • It’s not possible to import OutSystems generated code to recover applications. They need to be built from scratch.

Don’t create tomorrow’s legacy apps with OutSystems

Mendix is designed to maximize app scalability, portability, ease development and integration, and protect your intellectual property.

Develop with ease
Local deployment of Mendix-apps enables your developers to test, debug, and iterate rapidly during design phase so they’re not wasting time waiting for resources to be provisioned for their workOutSystems requires an OutSystems environment to test and debug applications slowing down your dev team.
Mendix Instant Update saves 2.5 hours per week during development because changes to pages and flows are updated without restarting the runtime when using local deploymentOutSystems requires full application redeployment to an OutSystems server with every change
Mendix applications are responsive by default and only need to be built once for any deviceOutSystems makes you choose between a web app and a mobile app causing duplication risk and slowing development
Mendix provides web and desktop development environments for business developers and professional developers to collaborate building enterprise applications on the same model.OutSystems development environment is too complex for business developers to create applications in collaboration with professional developers.
Integrate Seamlessly
Automated REST API creation from an application domain model makes publishing APIs with Mendix a snapOutSystems REST publish requires manual work and doesn’t support artifact reuse throughout the application
Native OData support enables connectivity to and from large ERP systems using supported standardsOutSystems does not have native OData support.
Mendix SAP strategic partnership includes app templates for SAP products, integrations using OData publish and consume, platform supported extensions to SAP services, and one-click deployment to SAP CloudOutSystems has a certified SAP integration for connecting BAPIs to their platform. BAPIs are not supported by SAP for use in SAP Cloud platform.
Maximize portability
Mendix deploys to any system, any cloud, anytime using containersOutSystems deploys to Outsystems Cloud, Azure, or on-premises using Windows virtual machines limiting deployment options and increasing total cost of ownership
Each Mendix application is fully separated from other apps for computing, memory, and storage Because resources are not shared, if an app in one container fails, it does not impact apps running in other containers.OutSystems apps share their database tier which introduces risk to application performance because one data intensive request can impact the performance of other applications using the same database.
Mendix applications are stateless and support horizontal scalability by allowing additional containerized runtime instances to be easily added or removed as required to support increasing user or processing loads.OutSystems allows adding front-end servers to a deployment to spread application load, but apps all report back to the single shared database in a deployment. Should the database fail, all applications in the deployment are adversely affected.
Straightforward Pricing
Mendix offers user based pricing because it is easier to manage and predict user adoption and growth based upon the use cases in your application portfolio. While we advise a best practice for application design and architecture, there is no limit to the number of pages, flows, or database entities in a Mendix app. If an application project has an uncertain user volume because of a new initiative or innovative use case, Mendix offers single app pricing that ramps based on a growing user base.OutSystems prices an application using an object based model. It is hard to predict how many pages, flows, and database tables will be required per app before creating them. Inaccuracy in predicting how many objects an app requires can lead to sharp increases in renewal prices. Building applications to an object count for compliance purposes invites sacrifices in design principles, functionality, and architecture leading to painful rework and poor customer satisfaction with incomplete solutions.