Mendix vs. OutSystems

Mendix is the only low-code platform that enables developers of varying skillsets — from business professionals to expert developers — to collaborate seamlessly on a single platform.

Seamless Development Across Skillsets
Low Code Architected Without Short-Cuts
Deliver Best-of-Breed Mobile Experiences

Seamless Development Across Skillsets

Mendix’s focus on collaboration across business users and all levels of developers ensures that your team is always focusing on building the right solution. This is bolstered by features built into the platform, including requirements management, enterprise version control, and integrated user feedback.

Mendix Studio

Business users can use the Mendix platform to prototype ideas, make simple changes to large IT-led projects, or build business solutions themselves, either from scratch or with pre-built templates and components.

Shared Project

Together, these teams of developers can address nearly any business requirement, from web portals and internal efficiency apps, to mission-critical core systems and innovative customer engagement platforms.

Mendix Studio Pro

Experienced developers can take on complex workflows and external integrations and microservices architecture, through low-code modeling, or Java code.

Benefits of Seamless Development

Why Developers Love Us

Mendix accelerates every stage of software development lifecycle while integrating with your Agile and DevOps processes.

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Two IDEs with a shared model empower stakeholders to contribute and experts to accelerate

Extend your solutions with code, using built-in editors and simple integrations

Bi-directional synchronization ensures that all team members execute without conflict

Why IT Leaders Choose Us

The Mendix platform speeds up development, and incorporates collaborative controls that ensure your solutions hits the mark.

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Pre-built components and modular architecture prevent losing cycles on reinventing the wheel

Governance features provide visibility and management over your app portfolio

Guardrails for citizen developers bring shadow IT out of the shadows

Low Code Architected Without Short-Cuts

Mendix cloud native architecture delivers proven portability, scalable architectures, and mission-critical reliability out of the box. Build robust, maintainable low-code solutions without sacrificing your standards.

Mendix applications are containerized by default without any additional development effort. Even your least technical developers create solutions architected to delight your Operations team. Stateless, scalable, and portable containers ensure you can make high-impact changes quickly, safely, and simply.

Containers are foundational to Mendix architecture and have no feature limitations. If you are ever forced to migrate to another cloud platform for compliance, security, or contractual reasons, Mendix container apps can go with you. Even in hybrid or on-prem environments.

Benefits of Cloud Native Architecture

Why Developers Love Us

Mendix architecture enables you to build loosely coupled systems that are resilient, manageable, and observable without design sacrifices. Make high-impact changes frequently and predictably with applications that are cloud native and portable by default.

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Linux container portability. No extra effort, no limitations. Any platform, not just Windows.

Built for big. Scale without painful refactoring.

Mission-critical resiliency. No single-points of failure.

Why IT Leaders Choose Us

Mendix approach to building, running, and improving apps is based on well-known techniques and technologies for cloud computing. Succeed in fast-paced, software-driven markets. Limit costs and risks by building the right way without cutting corners.

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Multi-cloud, multi-platform freedom without technical hang-ups. Public, private, or hybrid cloud no problem.

Plan for growth from the start. Operate at scale without rearchitecting.

Maximize uptime. Always architected for resilience.

Deliver Best-of-Breed Mobile Experiences

Not all mobile architectures are created equal. For AppStore-based architectures, Native is far better than hybrid. For browser-based architectures, PWA is better than responsive Web. Mendix enables you to deliver native and PWA.

Fluid Gestures

Smooth Animations

Device Integration

Should you build a mobile web, progressive web app (PWA), hybrid, or native mobile app? In recent Gartner report titled “Key Considerations When Building Web, Native or Hybrid Mobile Apps,” they asked the same question.  Their conclusion was that “Application leaders should expect to simultaneously use multiple architectures such as web, progressive web app (PWA), hybrid and native.” By selecting the best architecture for a customer use case, companies can deliver the best experience for every project.

With Mendix, you can build apps using any of these mobile architectures; with other low-code vendors you cannot. Compared to hybrid apps, native mobile apps have the smoothest navigations, richest animations, tightest device integration and best off-line capabilities. Native mobile becomes even more important when you’re required to deliver experiences that need to be immersive (augmented/virtual reality) and conversational (chatbot, voice assistant).

Benefits of Best-of-Breed Mobile Solutions

Why Developers Love Us

Deliver PWA and native mobile apps, from a single platform and skillset.

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Create responsive web, PWA, and native mobile apps without having to learn many of languages.

Leverage React Native to deliver true iOS and Android native mobile apps instead of aging Cordova hybrid apps

Build offline-first apps that work identically when online/offline, plus built-in data synchronization

Why IT Leaders Choose Us

Deliver effortless experiences that will impress and engage employees and customers.

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Provide the best mobile experience for each user interaction for highly tailored engagements

No need to hire specialists to create PWAs or native mobile apps for consumer-grade experiences

Customers and employees can work-as-usual even with spotty WiFi or a lost cellular connection

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How easy is Mendix to learn for my development team? How about my less technical team, can they learn low code?

    Mendix is easy to understand for professional developers. The platform is based on best-practice architectural software principles. Professional developers are accelerated with visual development and automation. They also are able to code Java and JavaScript with inline editors and code extensions.

    Less technical domain experts are also included in software development process through Mendix’s integrated tooling. Integrated collaboration, purpose-built IDEs, AI capable MxAssist, and thorough consistency checks ensure that every stakeholder is empowered to deliver an engaging solution.

    To learn more about Mendix’s capabilities, we recommend our evaluation guide –

  • Can Mendix build and host a solution that scales for the enterprise? What if everyone at a large company uses the Mendix-built app heavily?


    Mendix enables people to unleash their creative side for solution development without worrying about runtime limitations. The platforms’ underlying cloud-native architecture allows for scale and resiliency to keep pace with usage growth.

    Large-scale solutions built on Mendix include Rabobank’s online portal for over 500,000 customers and PostNL’s supply chain system that supports 10 million transactions a day.

  • Should I invest in a low-code platform before I’ve solidified a cloud strategy?

    An evolving cloud strategy shouldn’t stop you from getting started with Low Code.

    Mendix cloud-native architecture empowers you to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. This allows you to easily manage and migrate applications whenever you change your cloud approach.

    To learn more about our cloud offering, see

  • What assurance does Mendix provide around the security of its apps?

    Mendix takes the security of your applications, the Mendix Platform your apps run on, and the cloud operations running the platform very seriously. To achieve the levels of security required by our customers, Mendix implemented an information security management system (ISMS) according to the ISO/IEC 27001 standards as well as comprehensive security and governance features built into the platform itself.

    To learn more about Mendix’s efforts in ensuring security, privacy, and compliance, please see

  • How does Mendix prevent lock-in?

    There’s some degree of lock-in with any technology (e.g. Microsoft .Net, Oracle JRE, other low code platforms). That said, with Mendix, you own all your applications and intellectual property outright. You are free to export your apps with data and do with them as you wish. You will still be able to run and programmatically configure these solutions in any cloud environment.

  • Is there really a difference between the various mobile technologies available on the market?

    Since the start of this millennium, mobile is overtaking desktop for user outreach. Two popular frameworks for cross-platform mobile applications are React Native and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

    React Native offers the best UI responsiveness, user experience, and performance on mobile devices. React Native also gives you the simplest access to native device APIs.

    PWAs are more wide-reaching for showing an app through a browser.

    Note that with Mendix, you don’t have to choose between these. You can deploy PWAs and/or React Native applications on the same set of models and integrations. If you have a large library of pre-built components, you can even still deploy on a Hybrid application.

    For more information on building apps that users love, read about Mendix’s Multi-experience development platform.

  • How do you support enterprise applications, like SAP?

    Mendix embraces openness and extensibility that makes it easy to integrate and build apps with any enterprise application.

    For SAP and IBM, this task is made even easier. Mendix has strategic partnerships with both SAP and IBM.

    Mendix is an SAP Solution Extension partner, which is the closest form of partnership with SAP. With this partnership, SAP has fully adopted the Mendix Platform as its own rapid application development platform to extend SAP solutions like SAP Business Suite, SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, and more. Customers of SAP benefit from their investments in SAP while being making th necessary customizations without disturbing the core.

    IBM has selected Mendix as the standard low-code development platform to be used on top of the IBM Cloud. Based on the shared vision of Mendix, IBM and cloud technologies like Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, Mendix Platform is a natural fit on top of IBM Cloud.

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