Mendix vs. Outsystems

When you need to compare low-code platforms, it often comes down to two industry-leading low-code vendors: Mendix vs. OutSystems. Here’s what you should look for when deciding on the best low-code platform to drive business value.

Find the best low-code platform

Comparing Mendix vs OutSystems? Mendix’s collaboration-focused low-code development platform empowers organizations to bring business and IT teams together to deliver outcomes.

The best low-code platform caters to your needs, supports your strategy, and fits your tech stack. Mendix does exactly that by blending best-of-breed technologies with development, deployment, and digital transformation best practices.

Making the Mendix vs OutSystems comparison?

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Mendix’s cloud-native architecture

You need to run and deploy applications in the infrastructure that best meets your needs.
The best low-code platform is cloud-native so you can future-proof architecture.

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The Mendix Platform and the apps you build are always cloud-native.

Reliably build and run portable apps that can easily scale on whatever cloud environment fits your needs: Public cloud, dedicated cloud, private cloud.

Look out for low-code platforms that don’t standardize on container-based technology for all infrastructure offerings.

And beware of the hidden costs in platforms that don’t separate platform services and application services.

"As a bank, we were looking for an option where we could deploy low-code apps on our own, fully-managed infrastructure. At that time, Mendix was the only low-code provider that supported this wide range of deployment options.”

Mark Bus

Product Owner, Rapid Application Development

Mendix supports the entire DevOps lifecycle

You need a low-code vendor who knows that software delivery is more than just development.
The right low-code platform offers support across the entire DevOps lifecycle and fits your processes.

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Mendix provides enterprise-class open DevOps and governance capabilities out of the box.

Use Mendix’s platform APIs to match up to your existing CI/CD pipeline.

Look out for low-code platforms that lock you into their processes and only focus on development.

Speeding up one part of the DevOps lifecycle minimizes the value you can get with a low-code platform.

“My database and system administrators and DevOps engineers, they can now concentrate on delivering business value. They can think about new software for the company and this is where I see [the] value of low-code platforms like Mendix.”

Miroslav Samoilenko

Director of Integration Architecture

Mendix fosters collaboration across your organization

Find a low-code vendor that understands that IT/business collaboration accelerates software delivery.
You want a low-code platform that provides tools that empower collaboration across departments, disciplines, and development skill sets.

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Enterprise-wide collaboration across the SDLC is the foundation of the Mendix Platform.

Supporting a range of development skill sets, Mendix lets you co-create from ideation to delivery with capabilities that ensure continuous feedback, mitigated rework, and accelerated digital transformation.

Look out for low-code platforms that confuse faster development with faster delivery.

If you develop something that business or end users don’t like, delivery slows down. Delivering software that creates value means empowering more than just professional developers.

Mendix supports version control via Git

The best low-code platforms have centralized version control to avoid conflicts.
Because low-code opens the doors for more potential developers of all skill sets, the right platform helps you compare and merge branch conflicts.

This is how version control works

Mendix is the only low-code platform to offer component-based version control.

The Mendix Platform uses a centralized version control via Git, enabling multiple developers to continuously merge model changes.

Look out for low-code platforms that have limited or no version control.

Conflicting versions make it difficult to deliver the right software solution and create business value.

Create multi-experiences in one IDE

You need a low-code platform that lets you create experiences across channels and devices within a single IDE.
Create customer experience-enhancing interfaces and deliver software that works when your customers and employees expect.

Multi-experience and Mobile with Mendix

With Mendix, you can create native mobile and multi-experience solutions in one IDE.

The Mendix Platform leverages React Native, so you can build truly native mobile experiences. Using Mendix, you can also develop for:

  • Progressive web apps
  • AR/VR solutions
  • Wearables

Look out for low-code platforms that rely on hybrid mobile technology.

According to a Stack Overflow Developer survey, the market doesn’t consider hybrid mobile technologies like Ionic and Cordova to be future-proof.

“Our investment in Mendix low-code…has allowed us to build beautiful and satisfying customer-user experiences within an environment that allows us to respond to rapid change and ensure that the pace of change inside our organization is as quick, if not faster, than the change outside.”

Mohammed Kaka

Chief Operating Officer

Mendix supports your digital transformation plans

Find a low-code vendor that provides more than just a platform.
The best low-code platform is one that’s positioned with decades’ worth of business transformation experience.

More than just a platform

Mendix has nearly 20 years of helping organizations achieve their digital transformation goals.

Mendix’s proven digital execution practice guides customers through getting started with low-code to large-scale software delivery.

Look out for low-code platforms that only provide a platform.

It’s not worth partnering with a low-code vendor that doesn’t offer implementation guidance or isn’t invested in your organization’s strategic vision.

Mendix’s cultivates partnership with technology leaders

An entire partner ecosystem that’s in lock-step with your low-code development program can further accelerate your software delivery.

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  • What is the difference between Mendix vs. OutSystems?

    The Mendix low-code development platform rests on a foundation of cross-functional collaboration that enables you to achieve your digital transformation goals. Mendix is the only low-code platform that enables developers of varying skillsets — from business professionals to expert developers — to collaborate seamlessly on a single platform.

  • How is Mendix different from other competing low-code platforms?

    The Mendix Platform is the only low-code platform that is cloud-native, supports version control via Git, offers one-stop-shop multi-experience development, and supports the Open DevOps lifecycle. Also, because Mendix recognizes that the best low-code platform means being more than just a technology, Mendix also provides deep expertise in digital transformation and leverages strategic partnerships with AWS and SAP.

  • What is the best low-code platform?

    Organizations need a low-code development platform that fits their needs at every level. The best low-code platform matches your infrastructure, lets you build applications that align with your strategic vision, integrates well into your technology stack, and adapts to your DevOps pipeline. Mendix is the only low-code platform that is cloud-native, provides cross-functional collaboration tools, and supports Open DevOps.

  • How do I compare low-code platforms?

    While on the surface, low-code development platforms may appear similar, when you look under the hood, it’s clear that not all platforms are created equal. To help you make the low-code platforms comparison, check out the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low Code Application Platforms, where Mendix is listed as a Leader and positioned furthest in the Most Visionary.