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Low-code lets your workers make the most of your technologies

Take the next step in Industry 4.0

Building on the promises of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, smart manufacturing technologies seek to create smart factories equipped with hyperflexible, self-adapting capabilities. Manufacturers are using smart manufacturing tools to orchestrate and optimize physical and digital processes on the shop floor and across supply chains.

But according to a Gartner survey, 57% of manufacturing leaders feel their workforce lacks the skills to support the organization’s smart manufacturing initiatives. To achieve the full value of their initiatives, companies need to bridge the gap between the new technologies these initiatives introduce and their workers’ comfort with these technologies.

A low-code application development platform is the simple solution to bringing your workers up to speed with the smart manufacturing revolution. Applications built with the multi-experience Mendix low-code platform empower workers with little to no previous development experience to connect their data, devices, processes, and tasks with smart manufacturing technologies. Here are some of the benefits of introducing low-code application development to your smart factory.

True engagement

Workforce engagement is critical for organizations embarking on their digital transformation journey. By putting the simple, intuitive tools to create smart manufacturing applications into the hands of the workers who use those applications, low-code development lets your workforce collaborate to build personalized connections to their data, devices, processes, and tasks.

Continuous innovation

To achieve the agility they need to meet their customers’ demands for continuous product innovation, manufacturers are transforming their brownfield factories into smart factories. Low-code is the quickest and easiest way to build the applications needed to support the reimagined systems and processes that fuel continuous innovation.

Connected value chain

The Mendix low-code platform ties together the core systems that support smart manufacturing processes, keeping your value chain unbroken from strategy to planning to design to manufacturing. At the same time, it gives manufacturers the ability to reach back seamlessly into their supply chain and forward to their customers.

The Composable Enterprise

Developing smart manufacturing systems is easier as a Composable Enterprise, since building the necessary applications with composable components takes far fewer resources and less time. By letting you create apps with simple, modular low-code components, Mendix keeps you flexible and adaptable, able to respond more quickly to changes in market conditions, customer needs, and technology advancements.

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