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Your customers, agents, brokers and employees need new solutions in all areas, such as underwriting, claims management and quote and buy. Mendix, the leader in low-code software, provides solution templates and key digital capabilities to insurance organizations. Mendix helps you redefine your customer’s experiences while also automating your insurance workflows. Leveraging Mendix as your agile solution development platform brings value to the business quickly. Make your business stand out in a rapidly evolving marketplace while upskilling business users to be an active part of your digital transformation.

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Underwriting Automation

Underwriting solutions in insurance are ripe for change and innovation. The Mendix Underwriters Workbench solution template provides an acceleration framework that can speed your development of an automated underwriting experience, setting you apart from your competition.

An underwriting portal will allow your team to see the entire workflow at a glance. They can assign risks and cases and get dashboard reporting at any time. Mendix’s integration capabilities easily allow you to connect to core systems and AI providers, giving you an automated underwriting system that you can deploy in weeks instead of years.

This template will also improve your customer’s online or mobile digital experiences, which will enable your underwriters to focus on the important task of assessing and accepting the right risks for your organization. Develop, customize, deploy and iterate as fast as the landscape demands.

Quote and Buy

Modern insurers must prioritize software solutions to improve the digital customer experience. Customers and employees are demanding modern online & mobile user experiences, prioritizing the need for the latest in portal development. The Mendix Insurance Quote and Buy solution template was created with those challenges in mind. This framework accelerates your quote & buy capabilities and connects to your core insurance applications.

This template provides a new way to engage customers with an elegant, intuitive user interface. The ability to connect with other sources eases the burden on the customer. Real-time quote generation and reporting help your organization realize the full value of an automated insurance solution. By leveraging the Mendix low-code platform you can reduce development time, cost and maintenance, while creating the business agility to adapt and grow your solution whenever you want.

Be a driver for digital transformation in the insurance industry.

Claims Management

Claims and the claims management process are the backbone of the entire insurance industry. In the current environment, customers want a modern online or mobile experience where they can easily submit their claim information and receive responses in real time. For the insurer that understands the need to support post-pandemic digitization and innovation, changing and adding automation to your claims processing workflow can result in increased customer retention and cost savings.

The Mendix Claims Management solution template provides a kickstart for how your organization can automate claims management. Easily integrate to other sources to make data entry simple for the customer. They can also add images and geolocation via the mobile experience to make your adjustor’s job easier.

Automated routing and monitoring add transparency to your workflow, bringing simplification to claims processing and letting your team focus on adding value where it matters most.

Organizations that don’t automate their claims process risk falling behind in an ultra-competitive market. Explore how Mendix and low code can make you stand out in the marketplace.


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