Deliver Standout Digital Customer Experiences with Low-Code

Enrich the digital customer journey by streamlining application development.

Disparate processes inspire lackluster experiences

Your customers expect connected, consistent experiences across all modalities — from native mobile applications, to web portals, to conversational applications, and beyond. And digitalization makes it possible to deliver the best experiences possible, no matter where your customers are.

But enterprises with complex traditional development practices and limited resources face fundamental obstacles that impact quality and speed of delivery throughout the application development lifecycle.

  • Multiple complex technologies

    Development is exponentially complex when some experiences are built with traditional programming and others live in off-the-shelf technologies.

  • Disconnected solutions

    Siloed applications, portals, and other solutions overcomplicate development and integration, resulting in disjointed customer experiences.

  • Glacial time to market

    Juggling many technologies and processes impedes the ability to quickly deliver new experiences or adapt to evolving customer and business needs.

Take control of the customer experience with low-code development

Low-code is a software development approach used to build, deploy, and manage high-impact, customer-focused applications that provide consistent experiences across all channels and devices.

Create customer portals and interfaces, IoT-connected applications, responsive web experiences, native mobile applications, or the next great customer solution of the future.

Low-code platforms feature development tools that empower both technical and non-technical teams to collaborate in the rapid development of multiexperience applications that enhance every customer experience.

  • Unified tech stack

    In a single low-code platform, you’ll have the resources you need to build and deploy applications that integrate with your existing core systems.

  • Swift development

    Low-code development is collaborative and more accessible to more teams, which can reduce application development time by up to 90%.

  • Customer-centricity

    Business users add customer value by working independently and alongside developers to build customer-focused applications quickly.

Digitalize with the Mendix
low-code platform

Mendix features the tools enterprises need to deliver consistent, future-proof customer touchpoints across web, mobile, wearable, conversational, and immersive experiences.

  • Deliver applications fast

    Automation, AI assistance bots, collaboration tools, and other out-of-the-box features accelerate the application development lifecycle.

  • Build anything

    Custom iOS and Android applications, web-based portals, IoT-enabled smart applications, and beyond. Mendix makes it easy to build the applications your customers demand.

  • Deploy in one click

    By default, Mendix applications are containerized and portable with one-click deployment to public, private, and hybrid clouds.

  • Stay agile and consistent

    Mendix’s cross-platform Atlas UI design system includes pre-built templates, widgets, and other tools, giving teams the agility to build consistent experiences fast.

  • Scale with the cloud

    Develop with reusable components and logic to scale however your customers need. Mendix applications are cloud-native and scalable out of the box.

  • Monitor and evaluate

    Mendix applications include built-in monitoring tools for long-term application health and metrics for evaluating application performance.

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