Flexible Pricing for Teams of All Sizes

  • Free

    Jump in and give the platform a try

    Starting at $0/month


    Get started with:

    • Yes Agile Project Management
    • Yes No-code & Low-code
    • Yes Deploy to Mendix Cloud
    • Yes Shared Database Tenancy
    • Yes 2 Environments Per App
    • Yes Free Online Academy
    • Yes Community Support
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  • Basic

    Create simple workgroup applications

    Starting at $60/month

    • 5 users included
    • +$12/user/app/month


    Everything in Free, plus:

    • Yes Your app is always on – first in stack
    • Yes Access your log files
    • Yes 9/5 Support
    • Yes 99.5% Uptime Guarantee
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  • Standard

    build department-wide business applications

    Starting at $950/month

    • +$12/user/app/month


    Everything in Basic, plus:

    • Yes Customer Success Manager
    • Yes Project Dashboard
    • Yes Enhanced Deployment Options
    • Yes Dedicated Database Tenancy
    • Yes 4 Environments Per App
    • Yes Ops Dashboard
    • Yes IDP Integration
    • Yes Vertical Scalability
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  • Premium

    Build mission-critical core systems

    Get a Quote


    Everything in Standard, plus:

    • Yes Private App Store
    • Yes Flexible # Environments Per App
    • Yes Enhanced Vertical Scalability
    • Yes Horizontal Scalability
    • Yes HA/Fallback
    • Yes Advanced Infrastructure Control
    • Yes 24/7 Support
    • Yes 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
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Free Basic Standard Premium
Agile Development Yes Yes Yes Yes
No-code / Citizen Development Yes Yes Yes Yes
Low-code / Pro Development Yes Yes Yes Yes
Project Dashboard Yes Yes
Private App Store Yes
Mendix Cloud Yes Yes $ $
Mendix For Private Cloud $ $
Mendix For Cloud Dedicated $ $
Mendix For Server-Based Deployment $ $
Database Tenancy Shared Shared Dedicated Dedicated
# Environments Per App 2 2 Environments: One Mendix Cloud V4; One local development Up to 4 Up to 4
Ops Dashboard Yes Yes
IDP Integration Yes Yes
Vertical Scalability XS–XL XS–XXL
Horizontal Scalability Yes
HA / Fallback Yes
Advanced Infrastructure Control Yes
Free Online Academy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer Success Manager Yes Yes
Support Community 9/5 9/5 24/7
Uptime Guarantee 99.5% 99.5% 99.95%

Only pay for the users you need

User price

$12 Per user
Per month

Your per user price decreases as your user count increases

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Mendix define a user?

    A user is an individual that has access to applications you make. We do not charge for anonymous users accessing applications made on the Mendix platform. We also do not charge for developers making apps on our platform.

  • Is the Free package really free?

    When we say free, we mean free. No hidden fees, no commitment, no credit card required.

    The free edition includes everything you need to design, build, and deploy demos, prototypes, or small applications. It includes a deployment environment for each application with unlimited users. You’ll want to upgrade to a paid package if you’d like to get product support and guaranteed availability of your apps for the best user experience.

  • How do I decide which package is the best for me?

    That depends on the type and number of apps you’re planning to build. As a general rule of thumb:

    • Free is to explore the full capabilities of our platform, build prototypes or small applications for personal use. Learn more about Mendix Free
    • Basic is a good fit for simple applications like automating a spreadsheet or creating a departmental workflow as it offers guaranteed availability (responsiveness, uptime) on Mendix Cloud and access to our Support team. Learn more about Basic.
    • Standard is suitable for the majority of business applications as it provides all the key features for the application life cycle with deployment in the cloud of your choice.
    • Premium is ideal for mission-critical applications and core systems, as it comes with enterprise-grade scaling, high-availability, and fallback options with deployment in your cloud of choice.

    You can upgrade to a higher package whenever you want as your application needs grow.

  • What’s the difference between a One App and an Unlimited App plan?

    There’s no technical difference between the platform capabilities in the One App and Unlimited App plans. The difference is price. If you’re just starting out or planning to build one large app (eg, Customer, Employee or Supplier portal), you can start with the lower-threshold entry offered by the One App plan. On the other hand, if you have a good idea of the portfolio of apps you want to build, then the Unlimited App plan is better for you.

  • Does your pricing scale down as number of app users increases?

    Yes. The price per user you pay comes down as the user volume grows. If your apps have external users (eg: users who access the apps at a lower frequency, like for B2B or B2C portals), we offer more attractive pricing for those scenarios. Please ask your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager for more details about this.

  • Are the cloud resources I need included in the price?

    For the Basic package cloud resources are included.

    For the Standard and Premium packages, since Mendix supports various public and private cloud deployment options, we don’t include the compute resources you’ll need in our license price. We work with you to determine the best deployment options for your specific needs, and determine the cloud resource costs as part of helping you define the best deployment model for your business.

  • What deployment options do I have?

    Thanks to our cloud native architecture, Mendix uniquely offers multi-cloud deployment options out of the box:

    • Mendix Cloud: A global public cloud operated by Mendix
    • Mendix for Private Cloud: A (virtual) private cloud based on Kubernetes services from e.g. Microsoft Azure, AWS, and RedHat OpenShift, operated by our customers or our customer’s hosting partners
    • Mendix Cloud Dedicated: A dedicated single-tenant instance of Mendix Cloud, operated by Mendix
    • Mendix for Server-based Deployment: A Windows-, or Linux-based deployment managed by the customers or customer’s hosting partner