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Platform Editions
EditionCommunitySingle AppProEnterprise
priceFreeStarting at $1,875/month1Starting at $5,375/month1Starting at $7,825/month1
# of Applications1UnlimitedUnlimited
Public Mendix Cloud2
Private Cloud (IBM, SAP, Azure, AWS, Pivotal)
# of Environments (Test, Acceptance, Production)31223
Automated Backups
Horizontal Scaling5
Support for Continuous
Integration & Deployment
Uptime Guarantee99.50%99.50%99.95%

Platform Editions

The Community Edition is always free and features access to the Mendix Public Cloud with support from the Mendix Community.

  • Community


    • Public Mendix Cloud
    • Community Support

    Sign up for free

  • Single App

    Starting at $1,875 a month

    • 1 Application
    • Public Mendix Cloud
    • Gold Support


    • 99.50% Uptime Guarantee
    • Automated Backups

  • Pro

    Starting at $5,375 a month

    • Unlimited Applications
    • Public Mendix Cloud
    • Gold Support


    • 99.50% Uptime Guarantee
    • Automated Backups

  • Enterprise

    Starting at $7,825 a month

    • Unlimited Applications
    • Public Mendix Cloud
    • Platinum Support


    • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
    • Automated Backups
    • On-premises
    • Private Cloud (IBM, SAP, Azure, AWS, Pivotal)
    • Horizontal Scaling
    • Failover
    • Support for CICD

Pricing is representative. Contact us for the details

1 Billed annually, for 50 Internal Users. Price per user is reduced as the number of users increases (c.f. FAQ)
2 By default applications are deployed on the Mendix Cloud. The Enterprise Edition is required if applications need to be deployed on cloud platforms other than the Mendix Cloud.
3 Environments when using the Mendix Cloud.
4 Standard support level is included. Customers have the option to upgrade to Gold support level
5 Mendix supports both horizontal (increases the number of instances of the app) and vertical (increasing available memory) scaling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mendix believes in a fully transparent pricing philosophy where price is based on the value you obtain from using the product. Platform pricing should not impact the architecture or development of your applications, nor should it be a surprise after your development is done.

Some key questions to ask when considering price are:

  • How does the price scale with evolving and growing needs?
  • How does the price change if you decide to develop more than one application?
  • Will selection of application architecture (e.g. using microservices) impact costs?
  • Will costs change if the application requirements change or grow?
  • How predictable are end costs?

At their core, pricing models either charge for number of users or charge based on number of objects in your applications.

Object based pricing may seem simpler to start with but may quickly become a barrier to development. Adopting a modern, scalable microservices based architecture can have an impact on object counts or application count. Requirements are rarely well known at the start and may grow during development or after deployment. These can significantly impact object counts and result in significantly higher costs.

User based models are more transparent and predictable. The value that a business obtains from an app is a direct function of the number of users. This leads to shared business goals between Mendix and our customers. Mendix user-based pricing is independent of the complexity or number of apps you develop.

To fully adopt a low code platform requires 3 components - Software Platform; Cloud Platform for deployment; Add-ons for specific functionality.

Software Platform: Mendix experience shows software platform requirements fall into 3 distinct categories.
Community access is targeted at customers first exploring the low code space; want to obtain a better understanding of what is possible and can carry out their evaluation limited to 0 internal users.

Single App model is intended for customers who need to develop only 1-3 apps, need to deploy them to external users, and may require additional options or customizations

Multi App model is intended for customers who are developing a large number of applications for internal and external users. Customers who require a high reliability, secure environment with 24/7 support and app availability with CI/CD capability should consider the Enterprise level option.

Pricing is a function of the total number of end users and not on the number of apps required.

Cloud Platform: Independent of the number of apps being developed, customers need to understand their cloud platform needs. Will your apps run solely on the Mendix Cloud, or require deployment on a virtual private cloud, or an on-premises cloud? Platform pricing is a function of resources required. Mendix supports a full array of cloud deployment options. The Mendix Cloud option is a complete out-of-the box solution. Contact Mendix for the best options to support your needs

Add-Ons: The Mendix platform also provides a number of add-on options for Application Quality Monitor (AQM), Application Testing Suite, and Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Work with your Mendix account team to best understand your specific needs.

Mendix identifies two different types of users: Internal users are individuals employed by your organization. External users are not employed by your organization and only access the applications you run incidentally. To provide you with as much flexibility as possible, you can combine internal and external users on your platform. If you purchase a license for 50 internal users, you can provision 50 internal users or 500 external users or any mix in between (e.g. 20 internal + 300 external). There is a 10:1 conversion ratio between external and internal users.

When we say free, we mean free. No hidden fees, no commitment, no credit card required. The free edition includes everything you need to design, build, and deploy demos, prototypes, or small applications. It includes a deployment environment for each application that provides access to up to 10 internal users. Just sign up, get started right away, and build as many applications as you want.

Typically, you will upgrade if you need more than 10 internal users, more than one environment per application, or if you need more enterprise-level features and services such as more deployment options, formal Service Level Agreements (SLAs), etc. Upgrading is easy – you’ll keep your user account, and all the apps that you have already built. Simply contact us to sign up for one of our other plans, and you’ll be running in no time.

The short answer is: You decide – there are no limitations. We have heard this from developers across the world. You need to focus on the business need and don’t want to have to work around artificial limitations to make your app fit into some licensing model or risk big upcharges. At Mendix, you don’t have any of these limitations. Technically, an “App” is the complete application as it is set up and organized in the Mendix App Platform. It can contain any combination of screens, database entities, processes, and functional components. We let you decide what you want to include in your app and how big it should be. In practice, you’ll determine the size of an application based on your use case and desired user experience, as well as app design, model complexity, and app maintenance considerations.

There are no limitations to what you can build with the Professional edition of the Mendix platform, compared to the Enterprise edition. The Enterprise edition adds more advanced deployment and management features to the platform like support for continuous integration / continuous deployment, private cloud deployment, and a Platinum SLA. You can always upgrade your platform subscription from Professional to Enterprise.

Yes. If you decide to use the Mendix Cloud to deploy your applications, the cloud resources needed to deploy your first 5 applications are included in the subscription price.

There are no limitations on the number or the complexity of the applications you can build and deploy using the Mendix Platform when you select the Community, Pro, or Enterprise Platform editions.

Yes. You decide where to deploy your applications. Mendix supports deploying applications to the Mendix Cloud, on premises and (if you select the Enterprise Edition) any private cloud. You also have the flexibility to deploy to multiple environments (multi-cloud), deploying a number of applications to the Mendix Cloud and others on premises or into a private cloud.

Most Mendix customers are looking to fundamentally change the way they build and deploy applications. That’s why we created a platform licensing model that has no limitations on the size, complexity, or number of applications that you can build using our technology. However, if you are only looking to create a single application, we still want to offer you the ability to leverage the full power of our platform. That’s what the single app license is for.