The Mendix Independent software vendors (isv) program

Turn your commercial software ideas into lucrative outcomes

What is the Mendix ISV program?

Customer expectations are changing how software solutions are designed and delivered.

The Mendix ISV Program helps you deliver the commercial software solutions and components your customers need to solve high-impact business problems.

The program includes free access to our low-code platform and flexible partnerships to support your success. We deliver step-by-step assistance in the form of training, technical enablement, and solution reviews to ensure your product is secure, scalable, and utilizing the platform’s extensive capabilities.

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"By 2025, 60% of new custom business applications will be built using reusable business services via a catalog or marketplace."

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Accelerate time to revenue

Grow your business by building custom software solutions that can be shared in the Mendix Marketplace.

The Mendix platform’s cutting-edge technology helps ISVs stay competitive by accelerating the delivery of bespoke software solutions.



  • Tighten feedback loops and increase loyalty and retention.

  • Incorporate emerging technologies with low-code integration capabilities.

  • Motivate teams to innovate beyond keeping the lights on to reach your product vision.



  • Build configurable, maintainable software on cloud-native architecture.

  • Meet customer requirements without impacting future upgrades or functionality.

  • Scale across segments, increase market share, and attract new customers.



  • Be first to market with industry-disrupting product capabilities.

  • Meet rapid market changes, future-proof your business, and boost your bottom line.

  • Provide quick implementations, upgrades, and maintenance.

See how Mendix empowers ISVs

Ready to bring your commercial software idea to life?

We cater to a diverse range of organizations, from startups to established companies, helping them overcome unique challenges and achieve success.

Our expertise lies in assisting organizations with innovative software ideas in building and delivering their solutions. We help establish profitable and predictable business models, whether you’re creating a new solution or enhancing an existing one. Partner with us on this exciting journey and unlock the full potential of your software venture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I qualify as an ISV?

    ISVs develop, market, and sell software solutions and come in all shapes and sizes, including:

    • startups with a great idea
    • established IT solution providers looking to evolve and modernize an existing software product
    • established businesses building a fresh solution from scratch to launch a new business model

    You are an ISV if you have the entrepreneurial spirit to meet the following criteria:

    • a monetizable idea to solve a business problem.
    • the ability to develop a repeatable software solution.
    • the ability to market, sell, and support a software solution.
  • What kind of solutions are right for the Mendix ISV program?

    The Mendix ISV program enables companies to monetize domain expertise.

    Software solutions should solve a business problem that is common in a large addressable market. While configuration and light customization are often part of an implementation, the required tailoring should remain limited to around 20% for an ISV software solution.

    When possible, configurations should be accessed from within the application itself. Any application that is not repeatable and requires significant customization outside of general integration would not be suitable as an ISV solution for the program.

  • What type of review and approvals are needed for my solution?

    Our team will ask you to provide a solution overview. This document tells us about:

    • the business problem you are solving
    • the solution you’re building
    • the technical overview of the solution
    • GTM details

    We will review and provide advice on the best practices to launch a software product built on Mendix. This document also helps us verify ethics and integrity standards.

  • How do I learn more about the ISV program?

    To learn more about the Mendix ISV Program, contact us below.

  • Who owns the IP in my solution?

    You own the IP of everything you build on Mendix. We provide functionality, like protected modules, to hide your IP from end customers and implementation partners.

  • How do I get started and what is the process?

    First, you start by providing your contact information to show interest in the program. A team member will reach out to you to learn more about your organization and commercial software idea, and will share more details about the Mendix platform and ISV program.

    If you feel it is a good fit for your organization, the contract process will begin. Once you are signed as a partner, we will support you with:

    • accessing the platform
    • training
    • meeting with our technical enablement team to discuss your solution
    • creating foundational marketing assets
  • Who will build, market, and sell my solutions?

    We provide free access to the Mendix platform, and you build, market, and sell your solution.

    You can access Mendix Academy courses to learn about building applications on Mendix. Startups receive discounts for paid training.

    For additional Mendix support, access our community of users and active contributors on the Mendix Community. Members provide support and advice on the Mendix Forum, with 70% of questions answered within 30 minutes.
    ISV partners are expected to independently market and sell their solutions without dependency on Mendix’s resources or sales channels.