How customer portal software enhances the customer experience

To stay competitive in the market, you need to find new ways to engage and satisfy your customers. This means, creating a host of new customer portals that make it easier to understand and access your services. But a customer portal needs to be intuitive, personalized, and adaptable. No out-of-the-box customer portal software will work

Build your own customer portals fast

To survive and thrive in a digitally savvy marketplace, businesses need a variety of customer portals that enable self-service, improve access to information, and enhance the customer experience. And beyond these functions, each customer portal must be intuitive to use and personalized to users’ needs. With Mendix’s application development platform, businesses can build personalized customer portals that easily integrate with and extend back-end system functions.

Mendix helps its users build customer portals up to 10 times faster than with traditional development methods. And with our rapid application development technology, your customer portals are easily adaptable so that you can keep pace with customer demands. To get specific, Mendix customers use our application platform to build a variety of web and mobile applications that improve the customer experience:

  • Claims management software
  • Client software portal management
  • Customer self-service
  • Fact finding and advice
  • Expense management
  • Patient management
  • Carrier management
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Sales order entry
  • Employee directory

Customer Portal Software Improves Satisfaction

AZL handles the administration of more than 60 pension funds with more than 1 million participants. The group recognized that while their business model had historically focused on traditional operations, their customers’ preferences were changing. AZL needed to innovate its practices quickly to keep up with the market. To improve the exchange of information, they launched a new customer portal that could be adapted to each funds unique processes and data.

“Mendix’s development capabilities enable us to build a user-friendly portal in a very short time frame, while having the flexibility to adapt it to our funds’ needs and changing business requirements. We expect that our time-to-market with this portal will be significantly reduced, allowing us to better serve our pension participants and empower them with timely insight into their retirement.” Edward Heijkers, director of services at AZL

Hear from AZL to find out how they use Mendix’s customer portal software to extend their back-end system so that they can offer better customer service.