Mendix and Amazon Web Services Expand Their Seven-Year Strategic Relationship with Intelligent Automation Solutions

  • Mendix is now available in the AWS Marketplace
  • Intelligent automation solutions are available for banking and insurance, with manufacturing and other verticals to follow
  • The solutions combine banking and insurance application templates with intelligent services from AWS

BOSTON and ROTTERDAM – February 15, 2022 – Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in enterprise application development, has announced an expanded go-to-market relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This builds on the existing relationship between AWS and Mendix, as well as the recently announced collaboration between Siemens Digital Industries Software and AWS around digital transformation. To simplify the procurement and provisioning process for customers, three Mendix offerings will be available today in the AWS Marketplace: the Mendix low-code platform, Intelligent Automation for Banking, and Intelligent Automation for Insurance. Vertical solutions for other industries will follow.

AWS and Mendix customers in these industries can use these solutions to jump-start their intelligent automation initiatives, streamline their business processes, improve their customer experience, and accelerate innovation.

“AWS recognizes the transformative power of the Mendix platform, and we recognize the transformative power of AWS Services,” said Tim Srock, CEO of Mendix. “Together, we’re enabling organizations to quickly build modern experiences that take advantage of intelligent automation, so they can accomplish more in less time, reduce costs, delight customers, and drive greater value from human capital.”

Low-Code Application Templates Accelerate Innovation

The solutions are based on low-code application templates, which allow developers and domain experts to create consistent, custom applications for industry-specific use cases. Examples include customer onboarding, loan/mortgage origination, and portfolio management in banking; and quote and buy, underwriting, and claims management in insurance.

The solutions aim to combine these application templates with intelligent services from AWS, such as Amazon Comprehend, to understand unstructured text; Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Polly, to convert speech to text and vice versa; Amazon Lex, to build conversations; and Amazon Rekognition to identify objects, people, text and activities in images and videos. Customers can also embed these AWS Services into their own custom applications.

“Mendix’s enterprise-grade, low-code application development supports businesses looking to adopt intelligent automation on AWS to strategically address cost reduction and opportunities to improve operational effectiveness,” said Madhu Raman, worldwide head of Intelligent automation at AWS. “Customers in the Financial Services industry can now rapidly assemble real-world intelligent automation applications with Mendix on AWS.”

Mendix and AWS Expand Their Seven-Year Relationship

Mendix and AWS have been collaborating since 2015, and Mendix Cloud has run on AWS since 2016. Mendix was acquired by Siemens in 2018, and this go-to-market relationship expands on the strategic collaboration agreement between Siemens and AWS, which was announced in November 2021.

Leveraging the technology platforms provided by Mendix and AWS, one regional property and casualty insurance carrier, Pennsylvania-based Erie Insurance (ERIE), was able to digitally transform its commercial sales channel. ERIE’s consolidated experience for its independent agent force resulted in reduced average time to quote from days to minutes and a double-digit increase in new business premium.

“The strong relationship between Mendix and AWS has been valuable for ERIE as we progress through the journey of digitizing our commercial offerings,” said Timothy Shine, vice president of technology at ERIE. “We welcome this maturity step in the relationship between these two companies and look forward to embedding more intelligent AWS services into our Mendix estate to achieve even higher levels of agent productivity and customer satisfaction.”

For more information, please visit our Intelligent Automation Solutions website.

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