Rapid Application Development Software

Rapid application development software emphasizes the fast and frequent release of prototypes and applications over the time-intensive design and requirements gathering that comes with more traditional development approaches. Enterprise IT teams leverage rapid application development software for projects that require significant business involvement and more frequent updates. These apps are often associated with efforts to differentiate the business and innovate through new business models and better customer experiences.

Rapid Application Development Software Explained

Mendix’s platform provides rapid application development software for the digital enterprise. Mendix’s signature rapid application development capabilities ensure the fast and frequent release of enterprise-grade, multi-channel, multi-device applications.

Mendix’s rapid application development tools include:

  • Visual modeling and business logic workflows
  • Pre-built templates and widgets through public and private app stores
  • Project management and social collaboration components
  • One-click cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Fast integration with systems of record, including Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce.com
  • App management functionality to ensure performance, security and scalability

Mendix is a leader in rapid application development software. Developers and business users rely on Mendix to deliver applications faster and more flexibly than with traditional programming methods.

Reap the benefits of rapid application development software

A rapid application development model is suited for any app project with tight timelines, high business involvement, and frequent updates. By supporting speed and agility across the entire application lifecycle, Mendix users reap a host of benefits, including:

  • Reduced time to market by condensing project duration by 50%
  • Increased staff productivity by reducing development effort by 70%
  • Enhanced IT resourcing across more projects with teams that are 60% smaller
  • Improved business-IT collaboration that produces higher quality applications
  • Heightened recognition across the business for technology-driven business success

“Using the Mendix platform, we can do things we simply wouldn’t have been able to do using traditional development methods because Mendix is so much faster and easier. The platform has allowed our IT department to become an enabler and change agent within the organization.” Wade Sendall, vice president of IT at The Boston Globe

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