Field Service Management. Let’s make it better, together

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JITI: Just-in-Time-Information

Digital transformation success in Field Service Management requires capturing the right information and getting it to the right place at the right time for decisions and processes to be optimized. We’ve called this ‘Just-In-Time-Information’ (JITI).

Start your evolution from which both you as a service provider as well as your customers can benefit. It’s time to move away from pen and paper processes, from legacy and isolated systems and poor data quality, and from scarce information and its cumbersome management.

Download the eBook ‘Field Service Management. Let’s make it better, together’ to learn

  • About the value of investing in digital transformation and the provision of just-in-time-information.
  • How to improve service levels and the customer experience, increase efficiency and productivity and create new value by following JITI in your FSM digital transformation projects.
  • That JITI is a foundation enabling an integrated, open, smart and personalized information ecosystem and an effective FSM operation.