Added Value Through Digital Support Processes with PLAIN IT

PLAIN IT is a leading consulting and service company with over 15 years of experience in infrastructure and service management. PLAIN IT’s SERVALX massively simplifies internal services and creates added value, which you’ll see through examples such as employee entry, business card orders or the accounts payable workflow. With PLAIN IT’s standard product SERVALX you can quickly and with minimal effort provide your departments with a service management solution for modern, digital workflows. Thanks to a large number of existing process and service templates based on the BPMN standard, which can be adjusted by the specialist departments, you eliminate the known project risks. You’ll hear from PLAIN IT CEO, Thomas Spring, on how:

  • Modern processes such as lean startup or minimum viable product (MVP) can be used profitably.
  • Departments expand or adapt the existing BPMN workflow templates and forms
  • Employees and customers get excellent service when they need it – quick, easy, uncomplicated.