Harness Your Industry Data to Deliver a Closed Loop Digital Twin with eQ Technologic

For industrial organizations, the ability to deliver on digitalization quickly is critical to long-term customer satisfaction and retaining a competitive edge. Far too often, your most valuable currency in this evolution – mountains of data – go underutilized due to an inability to find the right data source, lack of domain experts to handle it, or compatibility between systems. Where Mendix Data Hub puts easy-to-find data in the hands of developers across skill levels, a new partnership with eQ Technologic delivers over 60 connectors to some of the most common PLM and enterprise data systems used by industrial customers. In this Q&A with Mendix, Siemens, and eQ, learn more about how:

  • Siemens customers can now connect their PLM, ERP, ALM, IoT, IT, ET, and OT solutions via eQ’s DaaS platform
  • eQ has helped customers increase the speed and reduce cost of projects from legacy migration to systems integration
  • Mendix Data Hub and eQ work together in practice in a demo