Mendix on Amazon EKS Reference Deployment

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By 2025, over 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms, according to Gartner, and Kubernetes is the most widely adopted and mature of the cloud native platforms. At the same time, Mendix’ cloud-native architecture combines the developer productivity of low-code with the flexibility, scalability, high availability, and cost-efficiency of Kubernetes.

The downside is that Kubernetes may be a significant investment in time and resources if organizations take the wrong approach, so in this post I’m going to show you an easy way to avoid that.

Amazon EKS brings together the best of Mendix with the best of Kubernetes

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a fully managed Kubernetes service that makes it easy to deploy, scale, and manage cloud-native applications using Kubernetes. It provides a simple and efficient way to run and scale cloud-native applications on the AWS infrastructure. With Amazon EKS, organizations can take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of Kubernetes, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Amazon EKS coupled with Mendix is a powerful solution for organizations wanting to build and deploy applications quickly and easily. By using Amazon EKS to manage the infrastructure, and Mendix to build the applications, organizations can take advantage of the best of both worlds. In recognition of that, Mendix has gone above and beyond to ease its adoption with Mendix on Amazon EKS Reference Deployment.

The easiest way to build apps in your AWS account

With Mendix on Amazon EKS Reference Deployment, one click will provision a Mendix EKS-based environment within your AWS account, allocating automatically all its cloud resources in about thirty minutes. It is fully extensible and combines the best practices from AWS and Mendix. Technically, it is a Terraform project which facilitates the creation of repeatable and disposable environments. It provisions an EKS cluster across multiple availability zones and many more resources, including Mx4PC components, to support the lifecycle of Mendix apps within your AWS account.

Video: See in action what Mendix on Amazon EKS Reference Deployment can do for you

Mendix on Amazon EKS Reference Deployment is the best entry point to harness the combination of Mendix and Amazon EKS, because it establishes a reference implementation vetted by AWS architects and Mendix experts and can adapt to your requirements because of its extensibility.

Go to the Mendix on Amazon EKS Reference Deployment page.

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