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Your Digitalization Framework in Action: Digital Transformation Must-haves

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Digital Transformation Tactics–from the Experts

Digital transformation frameworks are great to have at hand. But what does it look when they’re put to use—and to the test?

Watch this webinar, where Mendix CMO Nick Ford sits down with the Transformation Advisor himself, Rob Llewellyn, to discuss how executives can put into practice a sound digital transformation strategy. Rob is the Founder and CEO of CXO Transform, a consultancy built around helping leaders become digital transformation masters. He brings over 20 years of experience helping businesses accelerate their digital growth.

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Your digital transformation framework addresses how you can set your vision and change the way you develop software to change the way your business operates. But what does that look like in reality? In this session, Rob shares real-world stories of what executives do to get their digital transformation strategies off the ground. You’ll hear from Nick – who brings 14 years of business-transforming application development experience—how Mendix customers have contributed to their orgs’ digital transformations by way of application development. What you’ll learn:

  • How to assess your organization and know how ready you are for change, and what needs to transform or be optimized
  • What Rob and Nick are hearing from executives—how they overcame implementation pitfalls and achieved their digital transformation goals
  • Tips you need for gaining buy-in up and down your org and how to create a transformation-ready culture