Turning a Global Production Company Into a Digital-First Enterprise with VDL Nedcar and Appronto

VDL Nedcar is a Dutch automotive manufacturer who has built 23 different models and over 5 million cars for brands like Volvo, BMW, and DaimlerChrysler. For VDL, digitalization was stalled for nearly a decade due in large part to aging ERP systems, prompting the team to pursue new ways of working. In recent years VDL shifted to working agile which fit seamlessly with low-code adoption, both of which allowed them to start delivering a more digital enterprise. Hear from VDL Nedcar VP of Supply & IT, Pepijn Timmermans, on how:

  • The Agile methodology and low-code allowed VDL to react quickly during COVID-19 to create their TTV application.
  • The team is leveraging a network of devices with a React Native application, Qmobile.
  • Low-code is helping VDL to deliver business value on their promise of digitalization and improving customer satisfaction.