Workflow Automation for All

A process-first approach to app development without constraints

Automate processes
end-to-end with low-code

Organizations run on hundreds of processes across dozens of departments. Each process is a mix of disparate technologies from custom apps and databases to paper documents and email. Error-prone, inefficient processes inspire frustrated users to go rouge and solve their own problems with cobbled together shadow IT.

Fixing this tangled nightmare of broken and outdated workflows falls to you and your team.

You’ve thought time and time again, “there has to be a better way.”

There is.

Enterprise-wide workflow automation

With low-code you can build end-to-end, consumer-grade applications that can automate the full process and address the necessary system or data integrations to make it all work

The Mendix Workflow Editor

Unlock those trapped spreadsheets and legacy processes with a low-code workflow tool

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