Siemens Enables Rapid Digitization in a 175-Year-Old Enterprise

“We heard about this new solution in the company and because we had a tight timeline, we decided to use Mendix. It was a new experience for everyone,” says Hirsch. The team of one SCRUM master, four developers, and two product owners began working in an agile way to rebuild the system in time.

“When we developed the new application, we rebuilt all the features we had in the old application whilst improving the user interface so that it was more intuitive for users to navigate, find standards, and download them,” she adds.

The new application, EOS Web 2.0, was delivered in just 6 months and 15 sprints. “Today, we have more than 6,200 active end-users who we support with information from working groups, tracking services, and regulations and standards. There are over 50,000 regulations and standards within the database.”

Innovation on the Shopfloor

In the Motion Control Unit, Philipp Lutz and his team have delivered 30 low-code applications in the last three years. One of these includes the Material Supply Manager, which Lutz began developing in 2019.

“This application was something completely new,” says Lutz. “We didn’t want to manage this process with tables or a hard-to-use application. What we had in mind was a web application that anyone could use, and would be secure, stable, and connected to our back-end systems. Based on what we had seen in other projects, we felt this was the right use case for Mendix.”

The patented solution handles material flow throughout the factory via real-time IoT sensors and visual planning. “This is a use case in shopfloor logistics in a factory in Erlangen, which has since grown a lot. We’re still working on it and it’s never 100% done, as it is a large project with IoT sensors, AGVs connected, and a very sleek Mendix user interface,” says Lutz. “The goal is to sell it on the external market, which we’ve already started for one factory. We’re building a scalable platform which can be used in multiple factories.”

As one of the first applications developed in Motion Control, Lutz is particularly proud of this solution which was developed by six people and received accolades such as first place in the 2021 Siemens & Mendix Virtual Roadshow as well as third place for the Werner von Siemens Award. Beyond its recognition for innovation within the company, the Material Supply Manager is generating six-figure benefits for Siemens annually.

Lutz puts it best when it comes to the possibilities which are ahead. “It’s currently the change of the fiscal year so we are assessing our portfolio. We have some applications we want to connect, and I am looking forward to that. But in the end, the best project is always the next.”