How Mendix Brings SAP Extensions to the Next Level

Mendix Go make it SAP

With the annual SAP business and user event SAPPHIRE 2019 just behind us, it is time to talk about the latest innovations Mendix and SAP have delivered together in the last few months. For those of you who are not aware of the Mendix-SAP alliance, this is an exclusive SAP Solution Extension partnership that covers joint product investments, orchestration of go-to-market activities, and an extensive customer support program. This partnership was announced in October 2017 to fulfill the rapid application development platform needs of SAP Cloud Platform.

Today, SAP customers use Mendix to build differentiating and innovative full stack applications, using model-based development, to extend the digital core of SAP, like SAP Business Suite, S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, C/4HANA and more.

In the last 2 quarters, we have extended Mendix to two major SAP services:

  1. Integration within the SAP data landscape by adding HANA DB support within Mendix
  2. Simplifying the usage and provisioning of SAP Cloud Platform services

HANA DB support within Mendix

Available for Mendix 7.23.3, a Mendix application can use SAP HANA DB as its primary database. All data created by the Mendix application will be stored within a HANA DB.

When acting as a side-by-side SAP extension sitting on top of your digital core, the Mendix application fits seamlessly within your HANA data strategy. This includes the following benefits:

  • Performance gains: Make apps at scale. Applications with large data footprints benefit directly from the highly scalable, in-memory technology of SAP HANA. You can build apps with bigger datasets, more users, or more complex data operations.
  • Analytics capabilities to deliver Smarter apps: With newly created application data residing directly on SAP HANA, organizations can use the SAP HANA Data Management Suite for fast, real-time analytics processing. The combination of Mendix’s fast, customizable applications leveraging SAP intelligent services with the processing power of SAP HANA will greatly enable those long-sought gains of data-driven insights and data mining for actionable business intelligence.
  • The Power of SAP HANA for All: Developers and business experts do not need to have complex coding skills to take full advantage of HANA’s powerful capabilities. The Mendix platform opens up the SAP application ecosystem to the low-code community, empowering cross-functional teams to collaborate and build applications that solve business needs quickly.

Simplify the usage and provisioning of SAP Cloud Platform services

SAP Cloud Platform provides a huge set of powerful services like blockchain and machine learning.

With the all new SAP Cloud Platform Marketplace integration, you can now provide these services directly through the Mendix Developer Portal. Simply find the corresponding Connector of the service you wish to integrate into your application and connect it all with visual modeling.

integrating SAP services

There you have it. SAP extensions to help you make at scale, make with more, and make apps smart.

Build SAP apps on the fly. Learn how.