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Migrate, modernize, and innovate with Mendix & SAP

Mendix can help you reduce the complexity of your SAP instances. Use Mendix to help clean the core, ease migration to S/4HANA and the cloud, and deliver modern apps for high-impact business solutions. With Mendix and SAP, you can drive enterprise-wide innovation and agility.

Mendix is the only enterprise low-code platform officially endorsed by SAP.

Think about your IT landscape and where you can standardize vs. where you need to customize and extend. Is there a way to do it better, faster, or more collaboratively? Don’t be afraid to radically simplify things. People might think it was crazy to implement S/4HANA and low-code at the same time, but in fact, low-code helped us to make our SAP implementations more successful.

– Guido Zeelen, Solution Architect at Sibelco

  • Keep the core clean

    Many organizations must customize their SAP instances to address specific business challenges. These customizations add complexity and maintenance requirements. They also make versioning and updating difficult since every iteration and change is an opportunity for something to break. When migrating, developers struggle to extract these customizations that have become so embedded within the platform.

    With Mendix, you can build applications to supplement SAP’s functionality without having to customize the underlying platform. By “keeping the core clean,” migrations are streamlined and less risky.

    Your organization can deploy Mendix apps directly on SAP BTP Cloud. You can also build apps on SAP HANA Cloud and integrate with any SAP applications across the business.

  • Accelerate development

    SAP customers have found that using Mendix is 10x faster and 8x more cost-effective than traditional SAP development. Delivering enterprise-grade web and mobile apps with Mendix helps reduce development and support costs.

    With Mendix, you can develop modern, AI-infused applications that drive customer experience, employee engagement, and operational efficiency. Easily develop multi-channel experiences and, if preferred, build apps that look and feel like Fiori apps.

    By streamlining development, you can innovate with AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, IoT, and digital twins to deliver robust solutions to your customers, suppliers, and business partners.

Use Cases

  • Replace SAP customizations with Mendix apps, easing the transition to standardized SAP and accelerating your migration to SAP S/4HANA.

  • Extend SAP functionality with industry—and company-specific—features using Mendix. Reinvent your business faster using your SAP backbone.

  • Optimize user engagement with AI-enabled apps to improve operational efficiency and increase employee productivity.

  • Create composite apps across SAP and non-SAP systems. Use visual models to connect with and consume your data from within Mendix quickly.

  • Design engaging user interfaces with native mobile features and offline functionality. Build once for use across all devices.

  • Service your customers, suppliers, and other business partners with custom solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing SAP systems.

Why Mendix for SAP?

Mendix is the only Endorsed App partner for Low-code and has passed SAP’s Premium Certification. This partnership aims to help enterprises shorten the time-to-value for web and mobile apps by leveraging their investments in SAP software. Customers can build and deploy their apps directly on SAP HANA Cloud and integrate them with any SAP application.

With Mendix, SAP teams can reduce the time, cost, and risk barriers that make it difficult to change SAP—whether integrating after an acquisition, consolidating instances, or migrating to S/4HANA in the cloud.

Read the Forrester Economic Impact Report

Learn how Forrester’s composite organization realized $3.6 million in total benefits over three years and:

  • Cut costs by $2.86 million in reduced time-to-value from applications
  • Realized $1.99 million in reduced time-to-value from applications
  • Achieved savings of more than $500,000 by decreasing outsourced app development
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