IoT & Smart Application Development Platform - Pre-Built Connectors

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Make your apps intelligent, proactive and contextual.

Over the past decade, business applications have evolved significantly, from web to mobile to multi-channel apps. Despite these advancements, applications remained passive, awaiting input from users. IoT, big data and machine learning technologies are shaping the next generation of business applications. Today, Smart Apps are powering new digital experiences across a broad range of use cases.


They make recommendations and guide users to take the next best action.


They predict what’s likely to happen and trigger workflows telling users what to do when.


They’re personalized, aware of users’ location and embedded in their processes.

Build smart apps fast.

Digital initiatives typically leverage multiple technologies. This may seem complex but Mendix makes it easy, allowing you to build Smart Apps quickly.

Merge the physical and digital world.

Gartner forecasts that 20.8 billion connected things will be in use by 2020. Organizations are looking to harness sensor data to improve operations and deliver differentiating services.

Turn data into action.

Data volumes are exploding, driven by sensors monitoring the physical world and digital streams such as social media, text, images and e-commerce transactions.


Mendix Connector Kit

Use an extensive collection of out-of-the-box connectors to simplify integrating with third-party databases or applications, handling complex XML messages, or leveraging IoT and cognitive services. Or use the Mendix Connector Kit to build your own connectors.

  • Data Mapper

    From simple to the most complex inheritance structures, the visual Data Mapper connects incoming XML and JSON messages to your domain model in Mendix, and vice versa. Once mapped, visual developers can leverage data without knowing the particular data structures used by the systems and services being integrated.

  • Native REST

    Natively call any REST or SOAP API straight from Mendix Microflows, without needing to understand JSON or SOAP. The Data Mapper handles the result of the call (XML or JSON) and maps it on your domain model.

  • Java Extensions

    Integration between Mendix Models and Java code is even more powerful. Java actions now appear as native actions in Mendix Microflows and you can pass other model elements to these Java actions.

    Leverage SDKs from service providers like IBM Watson to quickly define Mendix connectors for drag-and-drop use in the Mendix Modeler.

  • Database Connector

    Connect to any third party database without writing a single line of code.

Open Data

Turn data into information at the speed of light.

Digital innovation is fueled by analytics and insight. With Mendix’s OData support, you can easily turn Mendix application data into information you can use to improve the customer experience and streamline operations. With one click, you can expose live Mendix app data in OData format for consumption in BI tools like Tableau, analytics platforms like SAS or R, or in Excel.

OData is an open protocol that allows the simple creation and consumption of query-able and interoperable APIs for data. Just right-click any entity in your domain model and publish it via OData. Your security rules still apply. A streaming query mechanism features high performance and low memory usage.