Mendix Studio Pro IDE

Experience the Most Extensive Low-Code IDE

Mendix Studio Pro is a visual IDE that accelerates application development, automates routine work, and helps you handle complex tasks with ease.

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  • Intuitive UI

    Mendix Studio Pro is a visual model-driven IDE with customizable themes, drag-and-drop functionality, reusable components, and full-stack capabilities.

    • Build multi-channel web and mobile applications from a single model.
    • Create page elements like structure, layout, graphics, buttons, and client-side logic by dragging and dropping ready-to-use components.
    • Identify the functions you need fast with consistent icons and labels.
    • Choose light or dark mode for the best readability.
    • Use front-end extensions for custom inputs, visualizations, logic, and more.
    See more details about UI
  • Scalable application logic

    In the Mendix IDE, application logic is created in the form of visual microflows. This makes it easy to add complex logic to applications without writing code.

    • Construct complex server-side logic using our visual editor to express function or method-like instructions.
    • Automate mundane development tasks with pre-built logic for creating and updating objects, showing pages, and connecting to external systems.
    • Utilize out-of-the-box integrations or add your own custom Java logic directly to the IDE.
    Get more details on application logic
  • Smart workflow automation

    Design and process core application workflows in the highest level of detail with Mendix Studio Pro’s visual workflow editor.

    • Automate manual processes like approvals, reviews, check-ins, submittals, escalations, or requests.
    • Take full control over complex logic structures by adding paths and actions to a flow chart.
    Learn more about workflows
  • AI-assisted development

    Our low-code IDE features virtual co-developers to help you model and deliver high-quality applications faster and more consistently.

    • MxAssist Logic Bot helps with modeling and configuring application logic for microflows. It provides auto-configuration and contextual recommendations with high accuracy.
    • MxAssist Performance Bot inspects your application against Mendix best practices and helps detect and resolve anti-patterns.
    • Validation Assist provides pre-built expressions to help you create validation microflows in an automated way.
    Read more about AIAD
  • Seamless data integration

    Easily integrate Mendix Studio Pro with third-party tools and services using our powerful Platform APIs and connectors. You can also develop services to expose your Mendix data to other platforms with our built-in microservices architecture.

    • Define your data needs by using the domain model to describe the information in your application in an abstract way.
    • Integrate with third-party systems and services using protocols such as REST, SQL, OData, SOAP, and more.
    • Connect with container technologies like Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and Docker.
    • Integrate with quality assurance services like Mendix Application Test Suite (ATS), Mendix Quality and Security Management, and Selenium.
    • Import and export data from XML and JSON or integrate machine learning (ML) models into your application.
    See more details on data integration
  • Version control and multi-user development

    Mendix Studio Pro combines multi-user development across varying skill levels. The Mendix Team Server (based on Git) allows multiple developers to work on the same project simultaneously.

    • Build and update applications, commit changes, and use version control to automatically reconcile developers’ work into a single revision.
    • Retrieve new updates from the Mendix Team Server and control which changes and merge conflicts are accepted.
    Get more details on version control
  • Built-in Mendix Marketplace

    The Mendix Marketplace is fully integrated into the Mendix Studio Pro IDE. Here you’ll find reusable application components created by Mendix, our partners, and the Mendix community.

    • Build custom applications with pre-built components like connectors, widgets, modules, templates, application services, and more.
    • Find complete sample applications that can be used immediately.
    • Upload components you’ve built and share with the Mendix Community.
    See our Marketplace overview

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Mendix Studio Pro free?

    Yes; there is a free version of Mendix that lets you experience the IDE for an unlimited amount of time. It includes access to the Mendix Platform and everything you need to design, build, and deploy demos, prototypes, or small applications. 

    You can upgrade your plan at any time. See pricing for other plans.

  • What languages does Mendix Studio Pro support?

    Mendix Studio Pro is based on model-driven development, and models are built with five DSLs: Domain model, UI model, microflows and nanoflows, security, and workflows. Mendix is also highly open and extensible, and developers have endless opportunities to extend Platform and application capabilities.

  • What are the system requirements for Mendix Studio Pro?

    Studio Pro is supported on 64-bit versions of Windows 10 release 1809 and above; this also includes Windows 11.

    Studio Pro 10.7 and above can run natively on an Apple Mac on ARM and Intel Mac running macOS Sonoma and above. Studio Pro versions 10.0 and above can run on the M series Apple Silicon Mac using Parallels 17 and Windows 11. Earlier versions of Studio Pro can run on Apple Mac using Parallels.

    See the most up-to-date system requirements.

  • What types of applications can I build?

    With the Mendix Studio Pro IDE, you can build everything from simple, responsive user experiences to progressive web applications or complete offline-first native mobile applications with client-side logic and data synchronization. 

    Check out our customer stories to see the full range of applications our customers have built.

  • Where can I find the latest version of Mendix Studio Pro?

  • How can I learn how to use Mendix Studio Pro?

    You can find step-by-step guides, how-tos, and tips, or start a conversation in the bustling Mendix CommunityMendix Academy is also a great resource for those looking to become Mendix certified.

    For technical support, contact us.