Mendix for IT Leaders

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Go Make It

Go make it.

Don’t wait to innovate. Build, test and deploy applications that make an impact now.

Technologies and Capabailities

Make more makers

Now everyone can quickly turn into great apps. Use AI-assisted development to ramp new developers quickly, so you can build and operate at scale.

Make it smart

Deliver amazing outcomes by creating intelligent apps. Great, cohesive UX across devices? Check. Real time data for better responsiveness? Check. Easily embed emerging technologies like IoT and Machine Learning? We got you covered.

Make it scale

Harness your data and business events to improve agility and velocity. From simple departmental apps to complex landscapes, we've got design, monitoring and management covered.

Case Studies

Make IT drive growth and profitability

Awe customers with engaging experiences

Kuehne + Nagel needed to improve order management in order to satisy a Fortune 500 customer. They created an app on Mendix in 4 weeks, saved the customer experience and went on to win millions more in new business.

Increase operational efficiency

Zurich insurance had a manual, error prone and time-consuming underwriting process for a specialty line. Business experts and IT collaborated and delivered an app in 3 months, with a 90% reduction in policy update time.

Develop new products and services

Solomon Group leveraged wristbands and IoT sensors to give fire marshals real time insight into concert occupancy counts, enabling them to sell 50% more event day tickets.

Why Mendix? More like why not.

Fastest time-to-value

Get business results quickly with apps that hit the mark. Including subject matter experts in the process and leveraging their deep industry knowledge reduces the risk that critical application requirements will be overlooked.

Lowest cost of ownership

Visual modeling lowers your cost of development and change management (it just does). And, the Mendix Cloud adds to your savings from day one with its scalability and unprecedented flexibility.

Best future-proofing

Mendix uses state-of-the-art infrastructure and application services and frameworks, so you can focus on making apps that will make a difference for your business. We sweat the details behind the scenes.

Get Mendix and start making the apps that matter more

“Mendix: is a strategic partner that supports beyond the platform”

Barrington Clarke

DevOps Lead, Zurich Insurance

We’re creating the next generation of Makers.

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