Collaboration Overview

Continuous, Collaborative Development

Support cross-functional collaboration with the Mendix low-code development platform

Break down
collaboration barriers

Enterprise development teams need to build and deploy more applications faster. The key to making that possible is sustainable, functional collaboration between business and IT. But that’s often easier said than done. Enterprises working with siloed development processes face significant barriers to successful application development.

  • Developer shortage

    There aren’t enough professional developers to meet demand. And the global shortage is expected to reach 4 million in 2025.

  • Business-IT friction

    When IT lives in a backlog, business teams seek software alternatives that can lead to shadow IT and security and governance risks.

  • Unexpected costs

    Communication inefficiencies are pricey. In the U.S., poor software quality cost businesses at least $2.41 trillion in 2022.

Power innovation
with collaborative low-code development

With the collaborative tools and processes found in low-code development platforms, enterprise teams are better equipped to:

  • Improve team interactions by involving stakeholders throughout every stage of the application development lifecycle.
  • Accelerate time to market by reducing rework, improving communication, and increasing feedback cycles.
  • Make space for innovation by eliminating drains on resources and encouraging teams to think of and act on new ideas.
  • Increase adoption by involving end users at every stage. Listen to and incorporate their feedback at smaller intervals.
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Mendix is built for collaborative development

Effective collaboration throughout the development lifecycle is the best way to build high-quality software at the pace the modern enterprise requires. Mendix makes it possible for cross-functional teams to speak the same language and follow a single source of truth by providing the tools enterprises need to support collaboration.

The Mendix Collaboration Suite

Our built-in digital collaboration tools help cross-functional teams plan, manage, and co-create applications that meet the demands of the business.

  • Portfolio Management

    Identify and manage the scope, effort estimation, and value assessment of digital projects with Mendix’s built-in Portfolio Management Tool.

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  • Epics

    Epics is an easy-to-use, lightweight Agile project management tool. Integrated with SP, you can update stories in real time.

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  • Application Insights

    Capture new ideas to improve solutions via polls, and improve the quality of your applications through active and passive user feedback.

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  • Version Control

    Use version control to automatically reconcile multiple teams’ work in a single, unified revision.

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How Mendix supports collaborative development

Make deploying first-time-right applications a standard practice. We've re-engineered how organizations create applications by streamlining communication between stakeholders.

  • Choose your tools

    With Epics and Feedback Management teams can decide which Mendix tools will best support collaboration, and save on additional technology licenses.

  • Go beyond application development

    Mendix facilitates collaboration throughout the maintenance and upgrade phases to ensure your applications stay relevant and useful, and your team has a sustainable way of working.

  • Continuously improve

    Collaborate with end users by translating their feedback into new user stories. Integrate new tasks and change requests as needed, and measure engagement to optimize each application.