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Simplify operations and maintain complete control with Mendix’s public, private, and dedicated cloud deployment options

Complete Cloud Freedom

Mendix’s cloud options give you the freedom to deploy fast, frequently, and on your own terms.

Build new apps, modernize legacy systems, and go forth with your digital transformation. Our flexible multi-cloud capabilities include high availability, robust security, and maximum reliability with single-click deployment to our public Mendix Cloud, Mendix Cloud Dedicated, or Mendix for Private Cloud.

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Supported Cloud Providers

Mendix is also backed by Siemens and maintains partnerships
with AWS, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft.

Minimize risk and maximize uptime

Backed by the most trusted providers, our cloud options are resilient, scalable, and highly secure.

  • Cloud-native by default

    Mendix apps are containerized, portable, scalable, and resilient out of the box.

  • One-click deployment

    Simplify operations with one-click deployment to our public cloud.

  • 99.95% enterprise uptime guarantee*

    The industry’s best uptime, with mission-critical resiliency and instant backup and recovery.
    *For premium versions.

  • Multi-cloud freedom

    As your strategy evolves, Mendix apps will run and scale on your chosen platform.

  • Low ops, high impact

    Make changes securely and easily with manageable microservices.

Multi-cloud deployment options

Choose from our public Mendix Cloud, a single-tenant Mendix Cloud Dedicated, or Mendix for Private Cloud — the industry’s first and only private cloud. Rest assured that as your strategy evolves, your Mendix solutions will run in any environment, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

Mendix cloud Mendix cloud Dedicated Mendix for private cloud
what it is
    A public, multi-tenant cloud built on Cloud Foundry and AWS
    A single-tenant instance of the public Mendix Cloud
    A private, single-tenant deployment to your chosen cloud or on-premise data center
ideal for
    Enterprises that need a fully managed public cloud with fast time to market
    Enterprises that need a fully managed private version of our public cloud
    Enterprises that need an isolated, private cloud for maximum security and control
Top benefits
  • Fully managed and hosted by Mendix
  • Industry-leading security
  • High availability across the globe
  • Low risk and low cost
  • No DevOps team necessary
  • Fully managed and hosted by Mendix
  • Industry-leading security
  • High availability across the globe
  • Low risk and low cost
  • No DevOps team necessary
  • Full control and isolation of your environment
  • Based on the Kubernetes native operator framework
  • Offers the highest level of control and privacy
  • Tailored exactly to your needs
  • Seamlessly comply with security and regulatory requirements
  • Host with any cloud provider or on-premise
considerations The easiest and fastest deployment option. Easy, fast, and on a dedicated instance of Mendix Cloud Requires management by your in-house DevOps team or partner.
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Mendix Cloud

Mendix Cloud is a multi-tenant cloud built on Cloud Foundry and AWS, and is fully hosted and managed by Mendix.

Divided into multiple regions, Mendix Cloud is fortified with high availability for maximum reliability. Both Mendix Cloud and the Mendix low-code Platform are certified by major international and local security organizations.

With Mendix Cloud, you’ll have everything you need to build cloud-native apps, manage deployments, and monitor app and database performance — plus the peace of mind of knowing Mendix has you covered.

Highlights of Mendix Cloud

  • Managed and hosted by Mendix
  • High availability for regions across the globe
  • Low Risk and low cost
  • No DevOps team necessary
  • Highly secure out of the box

Mendix Cloud Dedicated

Mendix Cloud Dedicated is a single-tenant deployment of our public Mendix Cloud.

Mendix Cloud Dedicated makes it possible to have a single instance of Mendix Cloud running on an AWS account dedicated to the customer. To ensure minimal administrative burden for customers, Mendix Cloud Dedicated is fully managed and operated by Mendix.

Highlights of Mendix FOR CLOUD DEDICATED

  • Includes everything Mendix Cloud offers
  • Full control and isolation of your cloud environment
  • Seamless connectivity to back-end systems

Mendix for Private Cloud

Mendix for Private Cloud is a robust, single-tenant instance that provides the highest levels of control over your cloud management and operations.

Comply with strict security and regulatory requirements by running your apps privately and storing data in any available region or a private network. Enterprises can deploy to a private cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, and Openshift) or on-premises data center.

Go to market faster by simplifying application development lifecycle management. With centralized management and out-of-the-box resources, Mendix for Private Cloud puts your DevOps team in control of managing and deploying apps in a secure Kubernetes-based cloud environment.

Highlights of Mendix FOR PRIVATE CLOUD

  • Comply with security and regulatory requirements
  • Based on the Kubernetes native operator framework
  • Low-ops application lifecycle management
  • Cloud agnostic: Host with any cloud provider or on-premise

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  • Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms For Professional Developers, Q2 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is cloud-native application development?

    Cloud-native application development is the process of building responsive and scalable apps that can be deployed to a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud. According to InfoWorld, cloud-native development involves modern techniques such as microservices, containers, CI/CD, and Agile methodologies.

  • Can Mendix run on any cloud?

    Yes. Mendix can run on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and SAP.

    Mendix for Private Cloud is our cloud-agnostic deployment option. Cloud agnostic refers to apps, platforms, or tools that are built to run smoothly in any cloud environment. A cloud-agnostic service can integrate with a mix of vendor tools but is not dependent on a single cloud provider. This spares the enterprise from vendor lock-in.

  • What is a multi-cloud strategy?

    A multi-cloud strategy uses different cloud providers for different needs and requirements. Enterprises maintain complete control by using multiple providers to diversify where apps and data are stored.

    With Mendix, multi-cloud means your apps will run and scale on your chosen platform — no matter how your strategy evolves. Multi-cloud also boosts availability and redundancy, and gives teams the ability to switch between cloud providers.

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