Low-code architected without short-cuts

Low-Code App Development For Enterprise Architects

Build robust, maintainable low-code solutions.

Take control and deliver provable, repeatable business outcomes. Delight demanding users. Stay ahead of the technology curve with open, flexible APIs, and cloud native microservices.

  • Cloud Native, Microservice Architecture

    Operate efficiently and build for scale from the beginning. Customize with open, flexible APIs & SDKs. Maximize uptime with mission-critical resiliency.

  • Delight Demanding Users

    Reach users where they are with effortless, stunning apps. Build with industry-standard, developer-friendly frameworks—PWAs, hybrid apps, or native mobile.

  • Repeatable Business Outcomes

    Bridge the gap between business stakeholders and professional developers with low-code collaboration. Make solutions that hit the mark, deliver business value.

Low code with strong foundations

Build with the best frameworks and infrastructure.

Don’t settle for solutions that don’t meet your standards. Mendix open platform architecture is extensible at every layer of the stack. Combine low-code with open standards and open source to maximize extensibility and flexibility. Container-based, cloud native architecture meets any infrastructure strategy.

Integration without frustration.

Low-code shouldn’t be a black box. Leverage our rich, flexible, and open APIs and SDKs to ensure integration with your enterprise software landscape. Use one of the hundreds of pre-built connectors and customized connector kits to pull data into your app. Build robust, maintainable solutions with Mendix’s enduring, decade-plus commitment to interoperability. Check out Data Hub our low-code integration platform.

Drive governance consistency.

Maintain control and prevent ungoverned adoption of low-code with built-in guardrails and the Mendix Control Center. Establish governance and compliance best practices from the start. Build it once and utilize Mendix’s modularity, standardized frameworks, and architecture to maximize reuse. Deliver on time, don’t get bogged down treating each new solution differently. Governance is essential to success with low-code.

Proven Customer Success

  • Leveraging microservices architecture with Mendix, PostNL was able to re-platform its core supply chain system.


  • Our goal is for MiUtility.com to become the Salesforce.com of the utility industry. We felt super confident that Mendix could deliver the extensibility and scalability we need to do that.

    Bashir Bseirani

  • We were able to build functionality and release it in a fast cycle… with mostly—and this is important to me— business-oriented developers.

    Joost Landman
    Enterprise Architect

All-in-one Low-code Platform

Create better software faster by abstracting and automating the development process with Mendix, the all-in-one low-code platform.