Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Build cross-platform apps for any user, device,
and operating system.

Welcome to the inescapable world of mobile app development

With a smartphone in every pocket and new digital technologies launching daily, mobile apps are an assumed expectation for your customers and employees.

To keep up with the competition and deliver the best possible customer interactions, enterprises must provide consistent, convenient experiences across an array of modern mobile technologies.

But mobile application development can be complex — even for seasoned developers — and is often a laborious undertaking for businesses with insufficient resources or traditional development processes.

  • Limited skillsets

    Mobile development is a specialty with a very small talent pool. Plus, mobile developers typically only have experience building one type of mobile app.

  • Complex processes

    Mobile app development is arduous and time-intensive, and developers must maintain multiple codebases, languages, and frameworks for every app.

  • Weak user experiences

    Customer and employee mobile experiences are lackluster and unintuitive when apps don’t utilize device integrations and gestures.

Demystify mobile application development with low-code

Low-code mobile application development alleviates the burdens of typical development practices by replacing complex coding with visual, model-driven processes.

Build browser-based progressive web apps, sophisticated native iOS and Android apps, and responsive web experiences all in a single platform. Low-code enables enterprises to deliver native device features and rich user experiences while leveraging the latest mobile technologies.

Developers without mobile experience can create exceptional mobile apps with a low-code platform, while experienced developers can extend those apps with custom coding for maximum openness and extensibility.

  • No complex coding

    Low-code platforms provide a suite of tools, technologies, components, and services that shield developers from the complexity of mobile app development.

  • Fast innovation

    Low-code’s visual and collaborative nature makes mobile app development more accessible and can reduce app development time by up to 90%.

  • Unbeatable experiences

    Create consistent, user-centric experiences for customers and employees across all digital avenues.

Drive mobile innovation with Mendix’s
enterprise low-code platform

Develop, test, and deploy mobile apps for all devices, browsers, and operating systems in a single platform. Mendix provides the tools and services enterprises need to turn ideas into outcomes.

  • Build any mobile app

    Create native mobile, PWA, responsive web, immersive, and conversational experiences utilizing the same platform and skillset.

  • Develop once, deploy anywhere

    Native apps leverage React Native to enable the same code base to run on both iOS and Android. PWA and responsive web apps are cross-browser and run on any form factor.

  • Build offline-first

    Develop secure mobile apps with offline capabilities and automated syncs back to the server when a device’s connection is restored.

  • Stay secure

    Mendix adheres to the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Framework and provides preventive, defensive, and reactive controls to secure your apps and data.

  • Create compelling experiences

    The Mendix Atlas UI design system features a library of templates, widgets, reusable components, and tools to help you deliver superior mobile experiences.

  • Reuse common components

    Maximize usability and maintain consistency across all your apps by reusing app features such as UI elements, logic, and data components.

  • Integrate with ease

    Mendix Connect empowers developers to rapidly build app integrations with an open, standards-based metadata repository and abstraction layer to access compatible data sources.

  • Fast-track delivery

    Mendix accelerates the launch of new apps, features, and functionalities with automation, AI assistance bots, tailored development environments, and collaboration tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the mobile app development process?

    The mobile application development process with low-code typically follows five stages: Ideation, development, testing, deployment, and operations. The development lifecycle is the same whether you are building a web portal or a sophisticated native app.

    Read more about the application development lifecycle

  • How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?

    The price of building a mobile app depends on many factors. If you are using conventional development, the time to market and cost will depend on the complexity of the app. If you are using a low-code platform, development time is accelerated and more teams can contribute, which can reduce or eliminate many of the costs associated with traditional development.

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