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Become a Mendix Certified Developer!

/ May 24, 2016

Recently we launched the Mendix community profile where you can expose your Mendix skills and achievements. One of the more noticeable achievements is your Mendix certification level. While your Mendix level is a testament of your activity in the community, your certifications are testament of your Mendix knowledge, skill and experience level. Your Mendix certifications will help you to distinguish yourself in the Mendix community.

Mendix Certifications

In this post I want to shed some light on the available certifications and how they relate. Currently Mendix has three levels of certification: Rapid Developer, Advanced Developer and Expert developer. These three levels represent three different types of gear in your Mendix backpack.

KNOWLEDGE – Rapid Developer

The Rapid Developer certification proves you have knowledge of the Mendix platform. This is similar to the theoretical exam for your driver’s license. The related Rapid Developer exam is an online questionnaire with 50 multiple choice questions that tests your basic level of Mendix development knowledge.

You can take the exam directly after attending the classroom or the online Mendix Introduction Course. Or when you are a self-learner, after you learned Mendix yourself and are confident of your Mendix knowledge level.

SKILLS – Advanced Developer

The Advanced Developer certification is your Mendix driver’s license. It proves that you are able to drive the Mendix car independently. The related Advanced Developer exam is a hands-on practical assignment where you will prove your skills and knowledge in the Mendix Platform. It tests if you have the required level of Mendix development skills.

You can take the exam once you are a Rapid developer and you have a reasonable amount of experience. On average that will be after 6 months of developing with Mendix. Although this all depends on your own progress.


The Expert Developer certification is your bus driver’s license. It proves your experience and you are able lead a Mendix project and fellow Mendix developers.

To obtain this certification you need to send an application to Mendix. This application contains a summary of your achievements and a description of one of your Mendix projects. In this project description you have to prove that you acted as a lead developer and was able to use your skills to interact with the business, solve the project challenges, and guide the development team.

You can apply for the Expert Developer certification if you are an advanced developer, have more than 2 years of extensive experience as Mendix lead developer, and can prove this. While this certification is still very new, already 28 developers have been certified as Expert Developer. Are you next?

Get Certified Now!

Register for one of the exams or send your Expert Developer application via the training website. Where the Rapid Developer certification exam and Expert Developer application can be done online, the practical Advanced Developer Exam is only available at one of our Mendix locations.

Happy modeling and see you in one of our courses or certification tracks!

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