Building Future-Proof AR/VR Apps for Apple Vision Pro with Low-Code

Apple Vision Pro Header Image

If you’re a tech enthusiast who likes to explore the newest gadgets, it may have crossed your mind to use low-code to create 3D apps for the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset.

And we say, go for it! With Mendix Studio Pro, you can build apps that support augmented and virtual reality.

Under the hood, Mendix utilizes the WebXR Device API. With it, you can create immersive AR/VR experiences that run in a web browser. The big advantage of WebXR Device API is that your AR/VR apps will work on multiple devices, such as HoloLens, Oculus, and, of course, the Apple Vision Pro.

Building your AR/VR apps on Mendix future-proofs them. Because they won’t be tied to a specific native technology, you’ll never have to worry about what changes will come with each new device release.

Why choose Mendix to build AR/VR apps?

Typically, 3D content creators are focused on creating new experiences for their users. For instance, a kitchen manufacturer may want to extend their design app with AR functionality that lets customers overlay new designs onto their existing kitchen. The data behind this extended functionality may become an afterthought.

But when building an AR/VR app, how you handle your data is crucial. Your app will need backend data and logic to be functional and to enforce security requirements such as user authentication.

With Mendix, it’s easy to combine AR/VR functionality and the data required to make it a meaningful experience. We cater to all business application needs, including data management, logic, business processes, security, AI, and AR/VR, providing the best of functionality and data management.

More than just a web app running in a browser

Traditional web apps can be opened within Apple Vision Pro, but they are limited to a virtual screen floating within the environment. While WebXR requires a browser to function, its capabilities are much greater. By clicking a single button, it takes you into a fully immersive 3D scene.

That means that with Mendix, you can:

  • Place 3D objects in your environment
  • Connect them to your data
  • Interact with the objects (modeled using Nanoflows) as if they were physically in front of you

To see this capability, watch this video showing a simple yet powerful kitchen configurator built with Mendix.


Mendix low-code empowers developers and 3D content creators to build future-proof AR/VR apps—or extend their existing apps with AR/VR capabilities—for a range of devices including the Apple Vision Pro. This integration of immersive experiences into our core capabilities shows that Mendix and AR/VR technology is a perfect combination.