From nanoflows to a new synchronization mode, the latest Mendix release includes powerful new features to help you build more, build better, and build easier.

Nanoflow as homepage

We added more control to the startup flow of native mobile apps. Next to a page, you can now configure a nanoflow as a homepage; for example, to show a setup wizard the first time a user opens the app. A nanoflow homepage works much similar to how a microflow homepage for a web app works.

Nanoflow as homepage image from Mendix 9.4.0 - Front-endless Possibilities blog post

Sync it faster!

We introduced a new synchronization mode `Synchronize unsynchronized objects` as part of the `Synchronize activity` that enables you to only synchronize the changed objects. This can greatly decrease the synchronization time, as much less data will be synchronized to the device.

Sync it faster image from Mendix 9.4.0 - Front-endless Possibilities blog post

Fast styling reload

With Mendix 9, the platform does SCSS compilation for you so that no additional tooling is needed for compiling SCSS to CSS. And with this release, we significantly reduced the time it takes to see the effect when making a styling change in (progressive) web apps. Also, the reloading is very smooth as the styling is directly replaced in the browser, so all states (entered data, popups, tabs, etc.) are kept as they were.

Also note, that if you make an error in the styling, you will directly see it in the browser.

Fast styling reload image from Mendix 9.4.0 - Front-endless Possibilities blog post

Merge design properties

With Atlas 3, we enabled design properties to be defined in modules. We now also support multiple modules that define options for the same design property. This can be very useful if you want to extend a certain design property; for example, if you want to have a new button variant next to the existing styles from Atlas.

For design properties with multiple options, the options will be combined into one list. When there are duplicate options or there is one toggle option, the one from the module with the highest priority is chosen.

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