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Openclaims was established in 2015 with the goal to democratize auto insurance claims processing. The so-called ‘Insurtech’ is using low-code app development to build a platform that establishes transparency between drivers, insurance companies and auto body shops in the event of a claim. As a result of tech-enabling this process, it’s now easier and more cost-effective for drivers, insurance companies and auto body shops to purchase and offer services. The Openclaims platform matches individual repair jobs to the best-suited body shop, based on capacity, expertise, lead time, price and repair quality.

Openclaims is using technology to reinvent the auto insurance claims processing market

The Openclaims platform is based on an auction model where auto body companies can offer their services to insurance companies or directly to a car owner in the event of a claim. This enables insurers and their customers to pick the best body shop for each damage claim.

For example, if a car owner has damaged their bumper, they report the damage to their insurance company to create a case on the Openclaims application. The car-owner describes the damage in the app and can upload photos of the damage. Body shops can then bid for the job based on price and availability of time and parts. The car owner or the insurance company selects the best auto body shop to complete the job.

…the customer can create the claim where they are by uploading photos and a description directly into the application.”

As a result, the customer journey is virtually frictionless. Using the platform drastically reduces customer effort. Instead of having to drive to a body shop to let an expert calculate the damage, the customer can create the claim where they are by uploading photos and a description directly into the application. Throughout the process, the customer can track and trace their damage for a real-time status update. These factors combined result in a NPS score of 40+! Which is above the industry average of a NPS score of zero in the Netherlands and a score of 30 in the U.S.

This not only results in high-quality repairs, but also in fundamental savings on out-of-pocket claims costs at an average of 25 percent less than the traditional process.

This not only results in a high-quality repairs, but also in fundamental savings…at an average of 25 percent less than the traditional process.”

Using low-code quickly delivers value

The Openclaims platform is built using Mendix’s low-code development platform. Collaborative visual development capabilities enable the team at Openclaims to easily and quickly implement new offerings or updates to existing applications.

The app development is spearheaded by Joris Hooi, Manager of Development & Implementation at Openclaims. He graduated with a master degree in public administration but he has been working in software development since graduating and has been interested in development and coding since he was young. He is able to use the low-code application platform to quickly build functional applications for auto insurance companies and their customers.

Low-code development on Mendix makes a lot of sense for a company that is going to transform a process or market with technology. As a young company, OpenClaims doesn’t have the IT capacity to build every aspect of an application portfolio. Using low-code application development makes it easier to create and tailor applications for specific insurance companies quickly and with their specific requirements in mind.

Openclaims can start a pilot app project and demonstrate the impact early, iterating quickly based on real user feedback. Then, they can structure growth with multiple insurance companies and scale as they add more end-users to the application.

Openclaims transforms a market

The goal of the company is to bring transparency to the claims handling market. The customer benefits by having access to the best repair options and an efficient process, the insurer by providing the customer with the attention, quality and a speedy repair, and finally the body shops by having the opportunity to bid and be considered for potential repair jobs. If you’re interested in joining the team at Openclaims as an enthusiastic Mendix-developer at every level, please visit to apply!