Atlas UI

Discover the Mendix UI Framework

Bring great, consistent user experience to the solutions you build with Mendix. 

Deliver stunning UI for Responsive Web, Native Mobile, and PWA

Atlas is the cross-platform UI framework included with Mendix that gives teams the foundation they need to build engaging, high-quality experiences.

key capabilities

  • web

    Out-of-the-box design system

    The new Atlas 3.0 design system boasts a modern experience, with a complete library of templates, building blocks, and other re-usable components.

  • pen

    Customizable design system framework

    Build a design system for use within your team or enterprise, with custom themes, branding, and UI behavior.

  • link

    Integrated into Studio and Studio Pro

    Choose the building blocks, page templates and UI components you need without leaving your IDE.


Beautiful. Smart, too.

The new Atlas 3.0 design system is modern, sleek, and simple. Out of the box, use our templates, building blocks, and page layouts for great responsive web, native mobile, and PWA solutions.

Extend our system, combining components into larger patterns, or create re-usable UI/UX packages.

Feeling ambitious? Customize anything using the SCSS/JS framework, and even extend with your own components – or those from a 3rd party.

Getting started

Get inspired

Browse available page templates, building blocks, and widgets to see what’s possible for (progressive web apps). Or, for a first-hand native mobile experience, open the Atlas app from the Make It Native app (Android & iOS).


Customize look and feel

Easily tailor the look and feel of your applications and solutions, from simple tweaks to full customization.


Build your own design system

Scale your organization’s ability to create great, consistent user experiences. Get started creating your own design system.


Design Principles

The Atlas UI philosophy is based on three core principles. These principles guide our design decisions at Mendix, and we encourage Mendix development teams to consider adopting them.

  • diagonal


    Freedom from complexity enables users to focus on what is important.

  • infinity


    Familiarity and consistency should permeate your landscape, across devices and applications.

  • a


    Applications should look good and scale in all situations, providing users an intuitive and consistent experience.