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Custom Claims Management Software

Mendix helps insurers create custom claims management software that automates complex and tedious workflows and reduces the time it takes to process claims and report back to customers. Given every insurers’ focus on improving customer engagement, Mendix’s approach to building custom claims management software is a cost-effective and flexible way to ensure fast and accurate claims management.

Why You Should Build Custom Claims Management Software

Insurers are looking to replace outdated claims management software to facilitate faster claims resolution and stronger customer satisfaction. And while insurers know they need a new solution, many are unclear whether they should create their own claims management software or purchase a pre-packaged solution.

While off-the-shelf claims processing software offers pre-built modules that are meant to speed implementation of standard business processes, these solutions are expensive and tedious to adopt. The problem ties into the relative rigidity of packaged claims management software solutions.

These solutions are generic in nature and need to be adjusted to each insurers’ unique processes. But adjusting functions within pre-built claims management software requires knowledge of these proprietary systems and time to customize the solution to your business need. Ultimately, these solutions cannot keep pace with the speed of your business or the demands of your customers.

Insurers use the Mendix’s platform to differentiate from their competitors, creating custom claims management software that is tailored to their unique business challenges and operations. Find out how insurers are using Mendix to streamline and automate claims management in a way that enables future flexibility in case of claims calculation or regulation change.

CED Differentiates Its Experience with Custom Claims Management Software

CED provides a range of services related to claims management, including damage assessment for insurers. To better meet the changing wishes of their customers, the team wanted to update their corporate systems. Find out how businesses, like CED, use Mendix to build custom claims management software.

“This advanced platform includes all kinds of decision rules, statistics and decision trees, resulting in a much more efficient process and a better management of the cost of claims.” – Jochem Davids, Director of Claims Solutions, CED

The rapid application development platform does more than speed development. Insurers are also able to innovate beyond their inflexible or obsolete IT infrastructure. How will your business benefit from tailoring claims management software to your specific loss adjustment, claims reporting, file and policy management, risk assessment and detection, and fraud management processes? No longer are you restricted per out-of-the-box functionality. Create custom claims management software that fits your exact business need, today and in the future.