Why wait for a slow development process when you can launch products and go-to-market rapidly? No matter what your distribution model is, easily digitize experiences across customers, intermediaries, and home-office staff. Stick out from your competition with Mendix.

screenshot of Mendix app

Why build with Mendix rather than buy off-the-shelf?

Distribution needs rapid product launches, sometimes with a few tweaks to existing products, to maximize market share. Mendix helps make that happen.

Tailor the design and integration of data into existing and new product templates easily with the Mendix platform’s composable structure.

Mendix allows insurers to create a series of distribution applications for consumers, agents, and brokers from interchangeable building blocks.

Building for multiple distribution channels, whether direct or via intermediaries, doesn’t have to be a complicated process of bespoke development. Now, you can assemble the experience from a set of packaged business and technical capabilities.

What can you build?

Mendix and Capgemini jointly developed a D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) Product Launch, Quote & Buy Template designed to help insurers quickly configure and deploy a product launch and quote and buy experience.

The template integrates in real-time with leading platforms, and the Mendix platform enables insurers to easily create an engaging and winning user interface across all devices.

Insurers can develop and deploy quickly, plus everything you build is 100% customizable and 100% yours.

Interested in more information? Check out our webinar How to Improve Time to Market for Application Based Insurance Offerings.

screenshot of Mendix app

What are the template's key features?

This customizable template acts as a development kickstarter. Simple, straight-through processing streamlines execution.

  • Application-based product offerings

  • Quicker product launches and time to market

  • Ability to integrate key tools for KYC, rating, and policy administration

  • Ability to integrate advanced AI and automation tools

  • Positive impact on decision rate and premium

Deliver quick digital products, create positive customer experiences, and contribute to sales goals.