Low Code Straight-Through-Processing Transforms Insurance Business Operations

HDI accelerates their digitization journey using Mendix to improve customer service and data quality.

“Especially with our legacy systems and diversified IT landscape. We can optimize processes, increase job satisfaction and give employees the tools to provide better and faster customer service. Mendix is helping us move toward these goals already,” he added.

HDI’s first Mendix application, OneContainer, was a step toward unwinding complicated processes that slowed down underwriting and invited data errors. It replaced a grab bag of solutions that the enterprise’s operations team would have to collect broker transaction data from and then reformat before entering into their internal systems.

The application successfully streamlined those transactions between systems by creating clearinghouse access. As their first Mendix project, it also opened the team’s eyes to low-code’s potential and the promise of digital transformation.

“We learned a lot from setting up and using OneContainer three or four years ago,” said Joost. With the help of expert implementation partner Ordina and an evolving Mendix strategy, HDI has since replaced OneContainer with a new application – Mendix Beurs.

Mendix Beurs delivers an efficient and improved user experience from e-ABS—the Dutch industrial insurance exchange system—to HQ’s systems and databases. Mendix Beurs is much lighter and team members don’t have to spend as much time on data entry or other slow-moving and error-prone activities. Data is validated and processed directly, and only exceptions need to be handled manually.

In addition, as HDI’s enterprise-wide capacity for digital transformation grows, the business side of the enterprise can take more agency over its digitization projects—from suggested iterative improvements to the actual low-code development work.

“In the past, the Mendix development was completely external,” said Joost. “But now, we’ve taken the lead ourselves. We create a business case before building something and do it within our IT team, and we are working with a proper partner. I think these improvements reflect the success of Mendix.”