Bring operational efficiency to claims processes, eliminate paper, and provide apps that are always on. Deliver solutions that connect back-office applications and the apps used in the field and deliver great customer experiences.

Build it with Mendix

With Mendix, the Claim experience can be as simple as uploading a handwritten paper claims document to an app and clicking “Submit”.

Pre-built COTS modules are generic and must be adjusted to each insurer’s unique processes. But those adjustments require the knowledge of an insurer’s proprietary systems and the time to customize the solution to specific business needs. Ultimately, these solutions cannot keep pace with the speed of businesses and customer demands. Insurers use the Mendix platform to differentiate from competitors by creating custom claims management software tailored to their unique business challenges and operations.


Get started and deploy quickly

Mendix offers a Claims Management chassis designed to help streamline development and get a best-in-class offering out to customers at speeds traditional development can’t touch.

The template has all the parts of a complete claims process, meaning insurers don’t have to start from scratch, insurers just need to add their branding and workflows.

Serve your customers with digitized claims applications while simultaneously bringing modernization to internal systems.

Critical features of
contemporary claims management:

  • Integration of advanced AI and automation tools

  • Stability and accuracy across all field service apps

  • Improved quality of data reported to back-end systems

  • Offline data synchronization capabilities, enabling users to work and capture claim data

Mendix named a Leader in Claims by Everest Group