Dutch Railways Automates Incident Registration System

A small team of two business engineers from Mendix partner Capgemini used Mendix’s application platform to build a new incident registration system in just 8 weeks for rail operator NS Hispeed. The Mendix application integrates with an external Traffic Management System and improves incident processing, reporting and analysis.


  • Incident registration business process streamlined and automated
  • Integration with external Traffic Management System
  • Built-in reporting for incident registration and performance metrics


NS Hispeed’s Product Control Department is responsible for managing any disruptions to the train’s schedule and registering them in an incident registration system. The current standalone system was manually operated and error-prone. With limited incident report criteria, the system did not provide sufficient detail of each incident. These issues resulted in subpar reporting and performance analytics and made it difficult to determine steps to improve the process.

In order to analyze trends and measure performance accurately, the rail operator would need correct, detailed, and timely information. In an ongoing effort to improve the efficiency of the incident reporting process and improve customer satisfaction, a new incident reporting application became a high priority for the organization. NS Hispeed needed the new system to be up and running within 6 months of their initial Request for Proposal.


NS Hispeed selected Mendix’s low-code application platform and Capgemini following an extensive selection and proof-of-concept process.

A small team of two business engineers built the first version of the new incident registration system in just two months. At the same time they integrated it with an external Traffic Management System, provided by ProRail, a government organization that maintains the national railway network infrastructure. Integration with the new Incident Registration System exposes key traffic information from ProRail to NS Hispeed’s data warehouse. Employees are now able to efficiently and accurately report incidents and disruptions to train traffic in a user friendly way. And managers at NS Hispeed can analyze incident information, performance metrics and trends.


It took the small team of two Capgemini consultants only 8 weeks to build the application with Mendix’s application platform including integration with other systems and complex business logic containing over 400 function points. The result is an automated, userfriendly workflow for incident registration along with reporting and analytics for improved management visibility. The team is also counting in the inherent flexibility of Mendix’s platform to continuously modify and adapt the application as requirements evolve. Based on the results and speed of delivery NS Hispeed is already considering additional projects using the same approach and the Mendix platform.

About NS Hispeed

NS Hispeed is the company behind the high-speed train in the Netherlands. A modern, ambitious company with a revolutionary product: a rapid, comfortable and reliable form of transport for business travelers, leisure travelers and commuters. NS Hispeed offers national and international high-speed connections, and participates in various joint ventures. These collaborations make it possible to offer an ever-growing number of high-speed train connections.


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