Business Technologist


A business technologist is a professional who works outside of traditional IT departments. They focus on crafting innovative technological solutions and analytical capabilities tailored to internal and external business needs.

What does business technologist do?

Business technologists apply innovative solutions and tools to enhance and streamline various aspects of business operations. They aim to: 

  • Improve efficiency
  • Drive growth
  • Facilitate informed decision-making through the strategic use of technology

What is the role of technology in a business?

Technology is pivotal for a business because it enables efficient operations, enhances communication, fosters innovation, and provides data-driven insights. 

It serves as a catalyst for growth, helping businesses stay competitive and adapt to the evolving demands of the market.

What are the three types of technology in business?

  1. Operational Technology (OT): Optimizes day-to-day processes and systems.

  2. Information Technology (IT): Involves managing and utilizing computer systems and software for data storage, retrieval, and communication.

  3. Communication Technology: Encompasses tools and platforms that facilitate seamless communication within and outside the organization, enhancing collaboration and connectivity.