Mendix for Life Sciences

Make app dev a team sport and transform how you so business — digitally.

Empower Your Entire Organization to Build Governed and Compliant Apps

With Mendix’s built-in development guardrails and advanced security controls (including HIPAA compliance), professional and novice developers can collaborate to build cloud-native, multi-experience applications in our low-code platform.

By increasing the pace to deliver business solutions across organizational domains and systems, Mendix helps life science companies:

  • Transform digitally fast and without friction
  • Modernize legacy systems with supplemental or replacement strategies
  • Automate and streamline processes across typical tech and team silos

Reach Resiliency and Flexibility for Connected Supply Chain

In times of unprecedented challenges and accelerated innovations, life science industry manufacturers must meet unexpected demand and retooling required to produce products, connecting enterprise systems and ecosystem processes within the supply chain.

Mendix empowers life science companies to bring composability into the enterprise app strategy DNA to deliver automated, cross-domain collaboration — from supply and supplier management to asset maintenance and warehouse controls, to product planning and release processes — all while keeping core validated systems clean (e.g., SAP, Siemens Xcelerator portfolio such as Teamcenter, Opcenter).

This enables manufacturers to:

  • Build and adapt at the speed of business
  • Innovate and simplify processes with composite apps vs. customize core systems
  • Broaden the organizational capability and capacity to build mobile and web apps

Increase Innovation into Digital Health and Connected Care

Innovative technologies strengthen the digital threads that secure and leverage data access and process automation. To create value on top of this, life science companies are accelerating their digital transformation efforts into advanced engagement models with products, providers, physicians and patient domains.

Study trial management and new product introduction, patient and physician engagement, care coordination, cooperative public health services, remote device monitoring and wearables interaction are some ways life sciences companies improve patient outcomes.

Mendix clients address the spectrum of Digital Health and Connected Care use cases and does so by assembling new insights from data sources to deliver:

  • Individualized engagement experiences
  • Reduced time and cost burden in transition to digital platforms
  • Embraced new technologies rapidly in multi-experience applications

Increase Transparency and Efficiency for Connected Go-to-Market

Competitive pressures force life sciences companies to innovate faster.  As such, organizations must adopt dynamic go-to-market approaches that address solution readiness, regulatory approvals, and sales and marketing efficiency.

With Mendix, you can build apps that span the spectrum of release readiness, field inventory management and device registration tracking and warranty, field sales and services, return materials acceptance and more.

This breadth opens new possibilities in go-to-market approaches to help manufacturers:

  • Gain a competitive edge in new product and service introductions
  • Advance complementary business and IT modernization initiatives
  • Increase productivity and scale faster by eliminating ungoverned and manual processes

Reduce Risks in Changing Dynamics Across Value Chain

Industry dynamics, evolving regulations, and supply chain disruptions introduce risks to life science companies. This creates a need for continuous improvement in regulatory and quality processes.

Mendix enables the intelligent workflow automation and enhanced engagement experiences that solve and evolve these issues quickly. Life sciences firms can:

  • Move all ungoverned spreadsheets and manual email processes into governed apps
  • Create effective and secure user experiences tailored to the personas in these processes
  • Simplify IT architecture by leveraging modern microservices-based design patterns

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