Eat healthier. Save money. Volunteer. What is your New Year’s resolution? Whatever it is, we’re going to help you achieve your goals for 2021 by making it easy to create healthy habits. Create, track and celebrate your new habits with the Go Hab-It app that we’ll make together in this brand new live build. Learn how you can make a habit tracker in 60 minutes, including a personal profile, habits with a schedule and reminders, a trophy system to celebrate your progress and share it with your friends. Developer evangelist Ryan Mocke will teach you how to build the app step by step. Download the project files​ In this live build, learn how you can:
  • Create an onboarding wizard
  • Add habits and configure a schedule
  • Build in a trophy system
  • Share trophies with other apps like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Configure the email module to invite people to the app
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    Jan de Vries
    Community Manager at Mendix