Mendix 6 Ushers in a New Era of Innovation for Today’s Digital Enterprise

New release includes a series of breakthroughs and industry firsts for leading rapid application development platform

BOSTON – October 1, 2015 – Mendix, a leader in digital innovation, today announced the launch of Mendix 6, a comprehensive enhancement to the industry’s most open and scalable platform for rapid development of digital applications. Highlights include support for offline functionality in mobile applications, and a Model API and open source Platform SDK offering enhanced import and export of application models.

“To succeed in today’s fast-moving, competitive marketplace, companies need to create a digital enterprise that’s connected, intelligent, adaptive and always on,” said Derek Roos, Mendix’s CEO and co-founder. “The Mendix 6 platform provides the foundation for the digital enterprise of today and beyond, offering rapid development teams an unprecedented level of flexibility, scalability and usability.”

“In order to increase our business agility, we are executing a strategic program to rationalize and simplify our existing application landscape and drive rapid innovation in close collaboration with our business stakeholders,” said Jan Paul Buijs, Manager CIO Office of Enexis. “Using Mendix’s model-driven development platform, we’ve been able to accelerate our transformation and reduce lead time of application initiatives significantly. In our Rapid Product Development Factory, we are able to drive 10-15 initiatives in parallel. We look forward to leveraging new innovations in the platform as we continue to adapt to changing conditions and business needs.”

Offline Mobile Support

Mendix is the first in the industry to offer out-of-the-box, offline mobile support across platforms and devices through a model-driven rapid mobile app development approach. Without any code, rapid developers can build mobile applications that make use of static resource storage, read access to data, and data entry caching to maintain consistency of user experience and performance even when disconnected or offline.

Open Platform, Open Innovation

In another first, the Mendix 6 Model API and open source Platform SDK take platform openness and application portability to a new level. Benefits include:

Additional Developments

Other innovations announced today include the following:

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