Mendix Announces Studio and Studio Pro; No-Code and Low-Code Visual Development Environments

No-code and low-code tools together dramatically expand development talent

Second-generation of Mendix Assist, industry-first AI engine for no-code/low-code, ratchets up productivity and quality

MENDIX WORLD, ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – APRIL 16, 2019Mendix, a Siemens business and the global leader in no-code/low-code application development for the enterprise, today announced Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro, its model-based visual development environments that empower developers of every skill set to collaborate and build applications to drive the digital enterprise. The announcement is part of the Mendix Spring ’19 Release, a major update to its pioneering no-code/low-code platform.

Mendix Studio and Studio Pro share the same visual language, metadata models, and repository on a single unified platform to effectively unite everyone who has a stake in the development process. Both include the second generation of Mendix Assist, low-code’s first artificial intelligence assistant, which boosts productivity and helps all developers make fewer mistakes and deliver higher-quality solutions faster.

Mendix Studio: Unleashing the Power of Citizen Developers

Mendix Studio is an intuitive, visual, no-code environment designed to bring non-technical business users into the development process, including those who have never developed an application before. These “citizen developers” — who have the clearest understanding of business drivers, objectives, and processes — can now use Mendix Studio to map out their vision for delivering business results, actually building applications that can be deployed or that serve as working starting points for collaboration with professional developers.

A suite of templates for budgeting, task and time tracking, portals, and more is available to jumpstart the process. Mendix Assist provides recommendations and next-step suggestions, accelerating the learning process and safeguarding application quality.

Mendix Studio Pro: Freeing Pro Developers to Focus on Innovation and Results

Mendix Studio Pro is a powerful, low-code visual model-driven environment that gives professional developers all the capabilities they need to create robust, complex, mission-critical enterprise applications. Studio Pro takes care of the “busy work” that consumes so much of a developer’s time, freeing them up to add value through higher-level software engineering and business logic. At the same time, Studio Pro gives developers the control and flexibility to customize code with built-in editors.

In Studio Pro, Mendix Assist acts as a virtual pair programmer, anticipating next steps, double-checking logic flows, calling out potential errors, and more. Mendix Assist delivers expert recommendations with 95 percent accuracy; it can significantly boost productivity and efficiency and decrease the cost and time impacts of defects by 100x.

Seamless Collaboration, Robust Controls

Mendix Studio and Studio Pro enable seamless, bidirectional, continuous collaboration, powering teams to converge on the right solution more quickly. Concepts, prototypes, working betas — every step of the process can be shared back and forth between Studio and Studio Pro for clear communication and rapid iteration to ensure that the finished product is not just created quickly, but fully delivers the intended business impact.

“Transformation happens when, and only when, the two sides come together,” said Derek Roos, Mendix founder and CEO. “Mendix is the only platform that fully aligns and integrates the business and technology sides of the enterprise. This kind of seamless collaboration ensures, for the first time, that the right applications are being built, because the process is so transparent and everyone is laser-focused on achieving the desired business outcome. And as an added bonus, it happens with unprecedented speed and quality.”

At the same time, the platform has engineered-in the governance and all the safeguards needed to ensure that the work of novice developers conforms to standards and does not compromise the integrity of existing systems.

“Business users have the clearest view of their needs and goals, and that vision is at the heart of successful digital solutions. That’s why we believe they should be actively involved in application development,” said Johan den Haan, CTO at Mendix. “At the same time, we understand the concerns of IT about losing control of their application environment. We’ve created a platform that enables IT to govern citizen development effectively, without stifling the business’ ability to contribute to application development.”

Mendix Spring ’19 Release

Mendix Spring ’19 Release is a major update to the company’s pioneering low-code application development environment, ramping up the platform’s power and capabilities, enabling enterprises to catalyze their digital innovation agendas and advance their initiatives to bring the digital and physical worlds together. Spring ’19 Release marks the launch of a new and powerful “maker movement” driving the digital future — dramatically expanding the universe of application “makers,” furthering the platform’s leadership in supporting enterprise-scale applications, and leveraging smart technology, in both the creation of applications and their capabilities.

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