Mendix Data Hub a ‘Moon Shot’ To Usher in Era Of Unified, Discoverable Enterprise

Mendix to radically simplify discovery and use of enterprise data while ensuring governance and reducing sprawl

Mendix transformed software development through abstraction and modeling; now it’s doing the same for all data and resources to deliver unified access to everything

MENDIX WORLD, ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – APRIL 16, 2019Mendix, a Siemens business and the global leader in no-code/low-code application development for the enterprise, today announced Mendix Data Hub, a low-code approach to leveraging data and digital resources that virtually eliminates the complications and expense of conventional data integration. Through Mendix Data Hub, business users and developers alike have seamless, self-service access to the data resources they need to create transformative applications that drive new product strategies, operational efficiency, and increased customer engagement — all from within the Mendix no-code/low-code development platform.

Derek Roos, Mendix founder and CEO, made the Mendix Data Hub and Spring ’19 Release announcements today at Mendix World 2019, the world’s premier low-code conference that has drawn over 4,500 attendees from 1,100+ companies to Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

“Mendix Data Hub will break down a barrier that has stymied digital progress for decades,” Roos said. “Low-code was just the beginning. The ‘discoverable enterprise’ is the other half of the equation. Enterprises are navigating a flood of potentially valuable data and a complex web of applications and digital services. They can’t move forward if essential data is siloed in one place, APIs in another, and some other critical asset in a corner where nobody even knows it exists. And current data integration solutions many times just add to the complexity. Imagine how powerful it will be when everyone working on an application has access to the data and resources they need, wherever they are, right at their fingertips, with no friction or barriers. That’s the environment we’re creating.”

Data integration continues to be a massive bottleneck to building software solutions quickly across the enterprise. Traditional approaches to integration are typically centralized, complex, and require experts who know how to use them. Mendix Data Hub aims to change all of that and democratize integration while preserving governance and control — just like Mendix has done in the application development domain.

Mendix Data Hub is designed to abstract data and systems into a data virtualization layer that spans the entire enterprise. Users will discover the assets they need through a data catalog, whether those assets are data, events, APIs, functions, or even other apps. Then they simply drag-and-drop them into the applications they are building inside the Mendix application platform. There is no need for additional integration middleware — Mendix Data Hub automates the process.

To ensure sound governance and adherence to best practices across the enterprise, the data catalog will be curated by experts in the specific data and resources, who will control permissions for access and usage.

“It’s hard to overstate how important this is,” Roos said. “We did it with low-code, abstracting coding and creating a visual environment that is energizing software development on every level. As enterprises digitize their operations, their big limitation continues to be access to data and resources, and now we are abstracting that as well.”

Out-of-the-box, Mendix Data Hub will catalog and provide access to any and all data assets created using the Mendix low-code platform, and enable the discovery and governed use of virtually any data throughout the enterprise. Plus, administrators and architects will have visibility into where and how any and all data is used across their application landscapes.

Enterprises adopting Mendix Data Hub can expect to see immediate gains in productivity as teams short-circuit the time needed to find data and resources. And as they discover new assets now visible to them, they can create applications that unleash the tremendous value of those data and resources to bring true digital innovation and transformation to the way they do business and serve customers.

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